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Singletary's Notebook: Sept. 22



On whether the communications problem is a dead issue or whether the game against Kansas City on the road will be a better test of the new wristband system:**"I think the Kansas City game will be a good measuring stick for that. I just feel that the last time we had a lot of communication issues was on the road, so we'll see how it works."

*On WR Ted Ginn's status and his thoughts on punt returns for Sunday: *"It's the same as I said on Monday, it really hasn't changed. Ted is day-to-day and hopefully (WR) Kyle Williams can go, but he's day-to-day as well. But we just have to see who is healthy and see what the options are.

On whether WR Kyle Williams would be the top guy for punt returns if he were healthy:"It's possible."

On QB Alex Smith's role in having a successful team:"I think in order for us to be successful, Alex just has to continue to mature and play within himself. I feel very confident that as Alex continues to grow and understand what we're doing, – and I think he has a great understanding of what we're doing - but he and Jimmy continuing to get on the same page, and if that happens, then he's going to continue to get better and make plays." 

On whether he feels that Smith can be an instant effect toward that progress:"Yes. I do. That was good to see, and but not surprising."

On whether Alex could be an effective weapon if he uses his feet within reason:"I do. Yes sir, I do."

On G Mike Iupati's development from Seattle to New Orleans:"I think, with Iupati, well its not-Eye-YOU-pah-tee – its YOU-pah-tee. I get it. I am too (a rookie) with his name, But anyways, Iupati, as well as (T Anthony) Davis. Davis took a big step in this last game and I think both Iupati and Davis are continuing to make strides, and once again Coach Solari and Ray Brown are doing a tremendous job with them. Just really helping them understand what they have to do as well as the extra time that they were able to get in this game. I thought Alex (Smith) did a great job of all of the little things, in terms of protection and taking some of the heat off, I think it all helped. But he's really coming on. It was great to see Davis as well do the same thing."

On whether being nasty and making sure the ball carriers weren't getting extra hits like T Anthony Davis is something he likes to see in an offensive lineman:"That's what I saw when we're looking at drafting him. That's the thing that jumped out at me the most was his nastiness, the ability to be able to run down the field and keep guys off the running back and quarterback. So that's the thing that I really like about him. Of course, Iupati, he has that as well, but they both got their traits, both positive."

On whether QB Alex Smith will be encouraged to run more often:"Once again, I'll say this. I was asked a question about Alex running with the ball or whatever. Obviously, I don't get excited about him running with the ball. I mean, that's why we have (RB) Frank Gore. If he can take off and get some positive yards and without getting banged up, then I'm all for it, but he just has to make great decisions."

On whether he has to make it a priority to take RB Frank Gore off the field to keep him fresh through the season:"I think we need to play a few more games before we start talking about that, but Frank really hasn't carried the ball a lot. You know in the first game it was less than 20 carries. This game he carried the ball well, but we're trying to be careful about what we're doing, we're trying to be smart. We do want to have him the whole season and be as healthy as he can be, so we are keeping an eye on him."

On whether there is any thought to keeping the five offensive linemen that played against New Orleans together to see what they can do, despite T/G Chilo Rachal possibly being able to return for Kansas City:"No, I'd put it this way. I think Chilo earned the job during training camp, and that's where the job was won. I think if you look at one game and you're going to lose the job? No, I don't think so. I think Chilo makes us better. I thought Snyder stepped in and did a nice job, as we thought he would. But I don't see any reason to change."

On whether Rachal will practice today:"Maybe in spots."

On whether there is a reason that [Executive VP of Football and Business Operations] Paraag Marathe is not in the booth this year:"Not really."

On whether the reason is that he feels more comfortable with the clock and with the rules:"No, we just wanted to make that move. There's no significant reason whatever. Just decided to go that way."

On how he keeps all 53 players from feeling like they need to press to get a win:"I just want our guys to understand that all we have to do is do our jobs. Just play the game and we'll be fine. We don't have to reach, we don't have to press. We don't have to do all of that. Just play the game. Just do your job, and eliminate turnovers and everything else will take care of itself. I believe that and I know they believe that as well."

On whether they have to make a move at inside linebacker based on LB Takeo Spikes' injury:"We might have to at some point in time, but it's just a provision right now that we're trying to keep from just going out and grabbing a body. But we are aware of it and just continue to talk with our trainers and make sure we stay on top of it."

On whether promoting LB Keaton Kristick is realistic at this point:"Not quite at that point yet."

On LB NaVorro Bowman in his first game:"He did a good job. He did a good job."

On whether it was a difficult decision to waive LB Diyral Briggs on Monday:"It was a tough decision. It really was. But it's something that we felt we needed to do, and you know, sometimes you have to make those tough decisions. Yes, it was difficult."

On why Briggs wasn't moved back to the 53-man roster Tuesday:"Well, because we have our 53 men set. And we didn't want to make a move that way when we felt that the opportunity that we had for him was very similar to the one that Denver had for him. And we weren't going to play the cat and mouse game. I felt that if Diyral wanted to be here, he knows the system, he is familiar with the coaches, and sometimes a player and his agent will talk and figure things out another way, so that's what happened."

On how the experience at Seattle with noise will help them handle the noise at Kansas City and whether he is confident that they will handle it better:"Well, it's interesting. We get ready to travel to Kansas City and everyone said that they may be the loudest stadium. But it can't be much louder than Seattle. I just think once again, it's very important for us to go there and do the very best job that we can."

On whether he thinks about the team's last trip to Arrowhead or whether he has wiped out that memory:"I wiped that memory out real quick. It wasn't good."

On the Kansas City Chiefs:"They're a solid football team. They take care of the football. And they play within the system, they do a good job, they're playing hard, and they're a well coached football team. It's very obvious to see that."

On whether he has been able to gauge the sense of urgency out of the locker room in terms of a "must-win" situation:"I don't – I don't really – 'must win?' I think if you're a football team and you start talking 'must-win,' then, you know, it puts you in a place that you don't need to be. I think for us, we must take care of the football. I think that is the focus. And then I think all the other 'musts' will take care of themselves."

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