Singletary's Notebook: Sept. 21



Opening statements:**

"Good afternoon. First of all, we're glad to get another win under our belt and continue moving forward. I think the biggest thing for us is each and every day we want to continue to get better. This week, we have the Minnesota Vikings at hand. It's very exciting for us. Once again, it's a tremendous challenge and I'm just looking forward to go there and see where we are. Any questions?"

On how being 2-0 this year is different than in years past:
"I don't know. I don't really want to compare to 2-0 now and 2-0 a year ago. I just think what's important about this team is to know there's a tremendous amount of character on this team. They're a group of young guys that we have who are going to be really good football players, and they're striving to get there. It's going to be a challenge for them to get there. But, we're going to get there. So, all of the other things before now, in terms of the 2-0, that's not really important to me. I think this team, we're just going to continue to work, and we're going to continue to get better. And, we'll stay together. Whatever comes out of that, I think the end result will be good."

On whether he was pleased with how the offensive line played:
"They played better. They played more physical, but we've got to get much better. We have to get much better to get where we want to go. But, they did play better and they did execute better. They were more physical up front. They did work more as a unit, and so that's important. I saw some good things. [RT] Adam Snyder, I thought did a good job, a better job kind of getting back on track. [RT] Tony Pashos got in and played a little bit, and he did a pretty decent job. I thought he and Adam Snyder, if you asked me, 'Well, which one of the guys played better?' I think they played about the same. Tony did a good job when he did get in, but, Adam certainly played better."

On whether the right tackle position is an area of concern:
"It really isn't an area of concern right now. I think if Tony Pashos were not here, it may be an area of concern. The fact that he is here, I know that it's going to take care of itself."

On whether Snyder and Pashos will rotate next week:
"I think we'll continue to do that until we see no need to do that."

On whether Pashos has the opportunity to start:
"I will just say this: I think right now, Snyder is doing a good job. I think he's manning that job. I think he stepped up yesterday, did a good job. As long as he does that, I think Snyder is going to be in good shape."

On whether his talking to the offensive line in practice was an every day exercise:
"It will continue to be an every day thing because our offensive line, we're going to be as good as our offensive line takes us on offense. We've got playmakers on offense. We have [WR] Josh Morgan. We have [WR] Isaac Bruce. We've got [TE] Vernon Davis. We've got [TE] Delanie [Walker]. But, it doesn't matter. [RB] Frank Gore. It doesn't matter how good our skill people are if our offensive line is not going to take us and put us on their back and take us downfield. It's not going to happen."

On whether Morgan has a reception after two games:
"You said after two games you don't think he has a reception? He did in the first game."

On whether the production from the wide receivers is a concern:
"The only thing that I can say is that it will come. It will come. Josh, maybe no receptions yesterday, but I thought he did an excellent job blocking, which allowed Frank to make some of those long runs. I think our perimeter blocking by our receivers certainly was very good. And, though we don't have them here primarily to block – we want them to catch as well – but I'm thankful that they were unselfish and continue to be. But, they won't be for long. For right now, they are. They're doing their jobs. We'll get better at that."

On whether QB Shaun Hill is capable of taking a team on his back and winning a game on his own:
"I will say this: I think, in terms of, is he capable taking a team and putting him on – hopefully we never have to ask him to do that. Hopefully we don't have to have a quarterback here in position to just take us and put us on his back and take us down the field. I believe that what he's doing right now has been good enough the first two games. Going forward, and I've said this before, to start with, we're going to run the ball. We're going to have to run the ball, and as we run the ball and Shaun Hill makes some plays here and there and as he gets more comfortable, he can open it up a bit. That's what's going to have to start happening. I believe he will do that."

On whether he was able to enjoy Gore's two touchdown runs during the game:
"No, I enjoyed it while it was going on. You may not see me laughing or anything like that, but I enjoy every bit of it because when he's running like that, something good up front is happening. So, yes, I'm very much into the game, but at the same time, I'm really enjoying the game."

On Gore's performance:
"Obviously, it was a great day. It really was. It's a tribute to our offensive line. It's a tribute to Frank seeing the holes and hitting them. It's a tribute to our outside guys and our receivers doing a great job blocking. Everybody is doing their job in order for those things to happen. I think, first of all, when we have people blocking downfield, that lets you know that they have every bit of confidence in the running back and the offensive line to open holes. Let me get down there so I can do my job so he can continue to run. So, that's all good."

On what he said to Gore early in the first quarter before he made his first touchdown run on the sideline:
"I grabbed him a few times. I can't really remember what that was. I really can't. Maybe it was something like, 'Be patient. Just be patient. It's coming.' I know I told him that a few times in the early going. 'Just hang in there. Don't get frustrated. Patience is going to be the key here.' He hit it."

On whether patience is one of the things that Gore has added:
"When I was talking about being patient, I wasn't talking about being patient to see the hole. I was talking about being patient with the offensive line, just knowing that we're hitting it in there. We're continuing to do what we have to do. At some point in time it's going to open up. But, I don't ever want to tell Frank, 'You need to do this.' I don't ever want to that because he knows more. There are some things that he knows that he can't communicate because they're just instinctive. I don't ever want to take those away from him."

On whether he could sense Gore was frustrated after Week 1:
"If you know Frank, you just know that he's frustrated. He won't say anything, and his body language isn't really going to show it. But, any running back wants to run the ball. Frank is one of those guys. It's just like having a great receiver. They want the ball. So, when I look at a Josh Morgan, I look at an Isaac Bruce, I look at a Vernon Davis or Delanie – you know those guys, they're not saying a whole lot. But, at the same time you know, 'Hey, I want the ball. I want something here.' When you have good football players, they're going to be frustrated, and at some point in time it has to happen. And it will."

On whether he anticipates a running back showcase between Gore and Adrian Peterson:
"When you talk about a guy like Adrian Peterson, we're very fortunate to have Frank Gore because we feel he's special as well. Adrian is a guy who has got a ton of speed. He's very instinctive. He cuts on a dime, does a lot of things well. He is their bell cow. It's going to be an interesting matchup. Frank, I'm sure, is going to get into it. He's got a little bit of a sore ankle, but I'm sure he'll be fine. Going forward, it's a day-to-day thing. But, the closer we get to Sunday, the more he's going to be excited. I think it's important for us to focus on the entire game and not focus on Adrian Peterson and not focus on Brett Favre and all that – but just know that he's a special football player and we're going to have our hands full containing him."

On whether the 49ers have filed tampering charges against the New York Jets:
"That's something that the league is going to handle internally. I'm not going to get into that. We'll let that play out, the process, and we'll see what happens."

On whether the charges have been filed:
"I'm going to let the league handle that. I'm not even going to go there. We'll let the league handle that and we'll go from there."

On whether the team needs WR Michael Crabtree:
"I think we need every football player that can help us win that is supposed to be here, here. As I said before, I think he is a talented guy, and hopefully it works out where he gets here. If it doesn't, I feel comfortable with what we have."

On whether there will come a point where he will say Crabtree is not a part of the team:
"I would never say that, not at any point."

On why he would never say that:
"As we go forward, I think we are going to get all the football players we can get. I'm never going to be prideful enough to stand back and say, 'We don't need him.' No. If he is supposed to be here, and he gets here, great. Come on. Let's go. It is not is going to be a show. There's not going to be a stoppage. There is not going to be any change, just get right in and let's go. If you can do it, you can. If you can't, you won't. That is kind of the way I see it. I'm not going to sit around and think about, 'Well if he comes at this point in time, I'm going to say I don't want you.' I'm not going to do that."

On whether he can still relate to what Crabtree is thinking:
"At this point, I put it out of my mind totally. At the beginning, yes, I could understand that because that is where I was. This is kind of out of the realm that I was in. So, it is just one of those things I really don't think about any more."

On the reports of tampering charges being filed by the 49ers:
"I already – I'm not going to address it."

On what he was referring to when he said the league would handle "that":
"What did you ask me? Ask me the question again."

On whether the 49ers have filed tampering charges against the Jets:
"OK. The part where you said 'the 49ers filed tampering charges on the Jets,' I'm going to let the league handle that – point."

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