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Singletary's Notebook: Nov. 27



On whether he has had any conversations with Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels:**"No, I really don't expect to, just looking forward to Arizona. I'm not even concerned about that. That's behind us and we're moving on."

On whether he's received a voicemail from McDaniels:"Not that I know of."

On whether he was surprised:"You know what guys, let's talk about Arizona. I don't really care about that stuff, seriously. It didn't affect us, let's just move on."

On when he found out about it:"Yesterday."

On K Joe Nedney's status:"Joe Nedney is doubtful, questionable. Let's say doubtful."

On whether there are any other injuries he's concerned with:"No, not really. We have a couple of guys questionable here and there, but so far, so good. We just have to see game time situation."

On whether TE Delanie Walker has taken a leadership role on special teams:"He has. He's taken a leadership role really on this team. I think he's a guy that on special teams he prides himself on getting down field and making plays. I think when he has a chance to have his number called on offense, he's done a good job, he's made plays and he's just really stepped up. I'm very excited about that for him."

On whether LT Barry Sims will remain at starter:"So far so good."

On whether there is any play to rotate guys or do you want to see them in from start to finish:"Well, you know unless something happens in the game that we have to do that, but right now he's the guy."

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