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Singletary's Notebook: Nov. 19



On the injury report:**"Right now as far as the inactives, we have [K Joe] Nedney is out, [T Joe] Staley is out, [CB William] James is doubtful at this time, and we'll have to see with some of the others."

On whether T/G Barry Sims will be the starting left tackle for Sunday:"It still could go the other way, so we'll see. He's taking most of the snaps this week."On whether they did any different preparation for the potential sloppy, wet conditions forecasted for Sunday:"No."

On whether he addressed it with the team:"No, it really doesn't matter if it rains, snows, it doesn't matter. We're going to play our game. That's it."

On concentration on the return game in the off-season and whether he is happy with the return game at this point in the season:"You know what, I think we're a little bit better than we were last year, so I'm happy with that. Whatever we can get out of it. And I think as we continue to get deeper into the season, it will get better."

On the statistics that WR Ted Ginn has fielded 13 punts, 10 of which were fair catches, and whether he would rather Ginn be more aggressive or fair catch if there is any doubt:"The most important thing to me in that situation is that he catches the ball. That's the most important thing. So ball security is number one. Number two, if it's there, take it. But as far as gambling and all of the other things, no, I mean I would rather we have the ball, let us get on the field, and let us go. And like I said, I think if we go forward it will - he'll get more comfortable."  

On RB Frank Gore's consistency despite multiple changes at quarterback and offensive coordinator in his career:"Well, I think Frank Gore is that guy, He's that kind of guy. You have to have something on your offense that's constant and he appears to be that guy day in day out, and that's a great piece to have in place."

On how he handles criticism:"You know, you always have to consider the source, that's number one. Number two, I just think that it's very important to know that when you have a job of this nature, that at some point in time, even if you're doing well, you're going to get some criticism. I just think you have to put it in its place and move on."

On what kind of self-evaluation he does:"Self-doubting is something that I never, never do … I think when I'm making decisions, it's very important that the quality of the decisions that I make is going to be based on the people that I have around me to help me make those decisions, and so far I think the decisions have been good."

On who he has leaned on most this season to help him make decisions:"Well, there are guys on our staff, a few guys in the building. But I'm just very fortunate to have a few people that I can do that with. I'm not really going to go into names."

On Sims being undrafted out of college and his impression of Sims:"I think anytime that we've had to call on him, he's always stepped up. Whether it's at guard, whether it's at tackle, whether it's a left tackle, whether it's at right tackle. I think he's been very consistent in doing his job and doing a good job."

On how valuable Sims is as a veteran to the young offensive line:"Invaluable. Because number one is the experience speaks volumes. Any time that you can have a guy that's been around a bit, that has gone against different pass-rushers, and the guys that are quicker, or stronger, faced many different situations, it can really help a young offensive line ease a lot of the fears or concerns that they might have, and it's amazing what experience can do."

On whether QB Alex Smith will be listed at number two in the depth chart for Sunday:"Yes."

On LB Takeo Spikes being a veteran who has not yet gone to the playoffs and whether he sees more of a will to win or a drive to win because of that:"I think we have a number of guys that are driven along with him. I just think that this team is a really interesting team. I think it's a special team. These guys continue to rally around each other, they continue to fight, they continue to scratch. The attitudes are outstanding. So it's going to be interesting as we continue to move to see how it all works out."

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