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Singletary's Notebook: Dec. 18



Opening statements:**

"We had a good week this week, a couple of days of good practice. It is more about getting mental work this time of year. We are trying to get our guys healthy, fresh and ready for the game. As far as [T Joe] Staley is concerned, we are glad to have him back. He will start. [T Barry] Sims will back up."

On what he saw in Staley this week:
"Actually, even the last couple of weeks, he has been talking about how good he was feeling. Of course I keep a rapport with the trainer, Fergie [Jeff Ferguson], and Fergie kept giving me updates here and there and said he was doing great. He possibly could have gone last week, but I wanted to give him another week simply because we just really wanted to make sure he was ready and didn't want to take any steps backwards because he has been doing so well. He has looked great. He looked good last week in the things he did and I am very excited to see how he does."

On how well Sims filled in for Staley:
"Outstanding. I don't think anyone really knew what to expect. Last year, he played some right tackle and did a good job last year, but I think this year he exceeded that by far. He held up and just did a really nice job."

On who will return punts Sunday:
"[WR] Arnaz [Battle]."

On whether taking Wednesday off had the desired effect on the players:
"You really won't know that until Sunday, but I think so. I believe so."

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