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Singletary's Notebook: Aug. 10



On whether he settled on a quarterback rotation for Friday's pre-season game:**

"I have not. We will talk about it prior to the game and figure it out sometime before the game. We are in no rush to do that. We will figure it out."

On how the quarterbacks' pre-season performances will affect who is named the starter:
"That is part of it. Hopefully, as we said before, by the third pre-season game we will have a pretty decent idea. There's no guarantee I will name someone by then, but hopefully at that time we will. But yes, I think the pre-season games play a big role. We are going against somebody totally different. We just have to see how they respond, how the team responds to them, how they respond to the pass rush – all those little things. So, I'm excited about the games."

On whether the starting quarterback will be in place for the third pre-season game:
"Probably it will come after that game. I would think after the game."

On the reasons for using a three-second clock during practice:
"It served a purpose for several reasons, first for the quarterback. Second for the receivers – they need to know this, how much time you have to get where you need to go, or less. For the offensive line – three seconds, can you hold them for that long? Defensively, are we around the quarterback? Are we in a position where we can make a play, where we can get the quarterback? What I don't want us to do is have a false sense of security, think that 'Wow, I was around the quarterback,' but it took a minute. And I don't want the quarterback to think, 'Hey, great throw,' if it was five or six seconds. You are going to be down and getting up by that time. It is just a matter of timing. Offense is a matter of timing and rhythm and trust and all those things. That is one of the ways we can develop that."

On whether all throws need to be made in three seconds:
"Some throws are different. Some of the play-action throws take a little bit longer to develop. That is kind of built into it; you understand you have your own clock on that. But, for the most part, it is serving its purpose."

On whether he will name Friday's starting quarterback after Thursday's walk thru:
"I think I will have a pretty good idea by then."

On whether he is getting a sense of who will win the final roster spots:
"I'm getting a feel for it. Now is the time you start talking to guys and having them understand, 'this is where you are. I want to see if you have a little bit extra. I want to know if what I have seen so far is it, or is there much more to it? Or, are you beginning to decline?' Now is the communication time to let them know, that as a coaching staff, this is what we have seen so far. Then the players have to respond."

On whether the rookie running backs will get a majority of the carries in Friday's pre-season game:
"I don't want to assume anything at this point. Obviously, Frank (Gore) is not going to play a lot. So I would think (Glen) Coffee is going to have some time. But we will wait until game time, I mean before game time, and we will know. But, we will play it by ear. All I know as far as the running backs are concerned is Frank will not be playing a whole lot."

On why LB Joe Staley has sat out of practice the last several days:
"Sore ankle. He has a little bit of a sore ankle."

On what he would like to see from RB Thomas Clayton:
"I think it is just a matter of knowing his responsibilities – getting consistency with blitz pickups, hitting the hole, not dancing as much, all those little things like that. He is certainly going to give you everything he has every play. It is just a matter of having it down in terms of where I need to be, my protection area, my protection responsibilities and those sort of things."

On whether Willis will play Friday:
"I don't know yet."

On Ahmad Brooks' transition from outside linebacker to inside:
"Ahmad, overall, is really responding well. He is learning how to be a pro. We are very excited with what we are seeing out of him, as a coaching staff. He has really stepped up and come on. He is studying and doing all the right things. I'm very excited about Ahmad Brooks."

On what he hopes to see from LB Scott McKillop on Friday:
"Just make plays and handle the defense. Know where he is supposed to be, and make the plays he is supposed to make. All the technique we worked on out here, hopefully that does not dissipate in the game. I hope we continue to see that. I think he will be fine."

On RB Frank Gore's performance so far this training camp:
"Frank has a tremendous attitude this training camp. I think that has a lot to do with his coach, Tom Rathman. I think Tom has developed a good rapport with all the running backs, getting to know who they are and coaching them hard, and at the same time, being that father figure when you have to listen and help them work through things. So, there is a trust, I think, that is there between Frank and Coach Rathman. I think that only enhances what Frank can do."

On whether he has kept in touch with Mike Nolan:

On what he learned from Nolan:
"The most important thing I learned from Coach Nolan is the work ethic. Mike came here, and as I said before, I don't have to guess if there was any team in that last 20 or 30 years in as bad of shape as this team was when Mike and I came here together. I saw Mike come in here. I saw Mike come in, roll up his sleeves and go to work trying to bring a structure to this organization and trying to bring about a mental toughness, trying to bring about character. I think the biggest thing is work ethic. Mike will always be a great friend. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mike and we certainly will continue to talk."

On whether he will game plan for Friday's pre-season game?
"Yes. There is certainly game planning. We are not going to over-do it because all these games are in preparation for the game at the beginning of the season and for the first series of game we have. It is just making sure you don't focus on the minor things and lose the big picture. We certainly want to go out and do the things we need to do. We certainly want to go out, and all the fundamentals we have worked on out here should carry over into the game. We will get what we want out of that game."

On whether CB Dre Bly is close to securing a starting spot:
"I wouldn't say that. I would say Dre Bly is Dre Bly. He is a professional. He comes out and knows what he has to do. He really fits in well with our team. He has been great in the locker room for our guys. But as far as saying Dre Bly really has some separation there, in all fairness to (Tarell) Brown, I'm excited for him to come back out. We're still in training camp. It's not like it is the start of the season this week. So, there is time to get back into competition."

On whether he knows how long Brown will be out:
"No, I can't be specific at this point right now. I just know he is feeling much better and hopefully it's not too long."

On how hard it is for an undrafted rookie free agent to make an NFL team:
"It happens every year. It happens on great teams, teams that went to the Super Bowl the year before. It happens on bad teams. But I think an undrafted free agent has to keep in mind, that is what everyone saw at that point, but there are times when we are wrong. I think it is just a matter of a guy coming in and not seeing himself as an undrafted free agent, but seeing himself as something special and trying to prove it."

On T Adam Snyder's training camp:
"Adam Snyder is doing very well. I'm very pleasantly surprised with him. He is making great strides. He is doing a lot of the little things. We are going to leave him in that right tackle position and just let him blossom. What he is doing is basically what he told me he would do given the opportunity to sit there for a while."

On T Alex Boone's training camp:
"He is making progress. We are pleased with what we have seen. Obviously, we want to see more in a hurry. Whether he can do that or not, I don't know. But we are going to turn it up at a number of positions for a number of guys, and he is certainly one of those guys. I think he has the tools. It is just a matter of getting over the thought of being a rookie and undrafted. An 'I think I can get in there and make a difference' kind of attitude, and we'll see what happens."

On TE Bear Pascoe's struggles in camp:
"I won't say he is struggling more than anyone else. It is an adjustment. It is an adjustment for a number of reasons. Sometimes, a guy in college is asked to do something else, and he gets here and he is asked to do a different thing. For some guys, when they have to learn the playbook, it is tough to work on the physicality of doing things right and the technique at the same time. We will see how that goes. I am very pleased with the rookies we have. We just have to have them grow up quickly."
On CB Terrail Lambert leaving practice early:
"He is fine."

On WR Isaac Bruce getting shaken up during practice:
"He got poked in the eye, but he is doing just fine."

On when he expects FB Moran Norris to return to camp:
"I don't know when we expect him back. I know he is going to do the right thing, Right now he has to handle his personal business – being a dad, being a husband and all those other things. But he will come back when it is time for him to get back."

On WR Josh Morgan's training camp:
"Josh is doing okay. There are days you come out here and say, 'wow.' There are other days you come out here and say, 'come on, let's go.' But he is doing okay. At the end of the day I am very excited about Josh."

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