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Sing's Notebook: Nov. 14


RE: Where is Jonas Jennings as far as getting back on the field and being in the starting lineup?
"I don't know. Right now…We have to earn that. I think [Adam] Snyder is working his tail off. Snyder is doing a good job. He's done the things that we've asked him do. Right now, Snyder is the guy."

RE: Is Jonas healthy enough to come back right now?
"I don't know that. We're working him in as much as we can. There's no guarantee with that shoulder. But at the same time, he's doing what he can. You really won't know unless we need him. To me, right now, I'm worried about getting better and getting stronger."

RE: Were you impressed by Snyder's play in the Arizona game?
"I was, yes, I was. I was impressed by the entire offensive line. I thought they did a good job. I thought that the things that we talked about all week – being physical up front, going downhill – I thought they did them for the most part."

RE: You talked a lot about, obviously, the importance of finishing. Is there anything that you guys have kind of done to stress that? I don't know how you practice for that. Is there anything that you do differently based on that concern?
"When you talk about finishing, it's all about execution. [When] you start a block, you finish that block. You don't really stop the block until something signals that, or you go get another block. You catch a ball; you watch the ball all the way in; you throw a ball; you go through the technique that you have; your tackling. Obviously you can't tackle here [in practice], but you can have the right leverage and tag off. So there's a lot of things that you can do to practice finishing. And it's constant. It's very, very monotonous to get into it. You just have to keep reminding players 'let's finish, let's finish.' I know they're tired of hearing it, but that's what it's going to take."

RE: Is it something that you think you've coached more and said more this week, or more since the day you took over the team?
"The whole time."

RE: How is Frank [Gore] today?
"He's fine. He moved well. He ran well. He did a good job."

RE: Your safeties are kind of banged up. Is Keith Lewis ready for a bigger role if called up on Sunday?
"If he has to, yes. He'd be the guy. He'd be ready to go. I think Roman [inaudible]. It was good to see him out here today moving around a bit. So, it will be a game time situation with him."

RE: Same with Delanie, game time decision with him. Delaine Walker?
"That's really a questionable situation right now. We will just have to see as we get closer to it."

RE: Is there any chance that Sean Ryan could play a little bit in the game coming up?
"It's possible, but it's not something that we've talked about a whole lot right now. But, it's possible."

RE: When Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt were together for those six years, do you think they were possibly the best tandem in league history?
"It's quite possible. They were dynamic. There is no doubt about that."

RE: Are Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald entering that discussion?
"You have to put them in there somewhere. Those guys do a great job together. Of course with [Kurt] Warner throwing the ball the way he is, they're very good. They've been good for awhile."

RE: In your new role, have you talked to Isaac Bruce one-on-one?
"Oh, yeah. We've talked a couple of times. Not like heart-to-heart, but we've talked. He's a very quiet guy, a personal guy, but he's been great. He really has."

RE: Mentioning Shaun Hill as a blue-collar guy the other day, what kinds of things define him?
"Leadership. I think leadership is one of those things that really jumps out at you when you see him practicing and the way he plays."

RE: What exactly defines him when he steps into the huddle?
"I think it's the presence. I think presence would be one thing. His body language when he steps into the huddle, there is a command. 'This is the play that we got to execute and this is what we're going to do.' But, there is substance there. That is part of that leadership. That is what I like about him. I don't care what the situation is or how crazy it is, you see him and there is poise about him. I think he brings that to the huddle."

RE: Is Shaun Hill practicing better than maybe he was a few weeks ago?
"Oh, yeah. Anytime you have a chance to get more reps, you're going to get better. He's that kind of guy. If a quarterback doesn't get a chance to throw the ball a lot, chances are the timing is not going to be there. The confidence is not going to be there when he throws the ball, in terms of the trust of the receivers and their routes. Obviously, it all goes together. He just continues to get better with each throw."

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