Should the NFL Allow 9-point Touchdowns?

The following paragraph is completely made up. Trust us. It's written as a test, not as a fact. You'll understand later...

The San Francisco 49ers trailed the St. Louis Rams by eight points in the fourth quarter. But thanks to the NFL's recently-passed 9-point touchdown rule, the 49ers were able to overcome the deficit on just one possession. Colin Kaepernick completed a 40-yard touchdown pass to new wide receiver Torrey Smith to pull the 49ers within two points with less than two minutes to play (in this made up scenario). Kaepernick proceeded to hit Vernon Davis on a quick slant to tack on a two-point conversion, which tied the game at 35. And the kicker, in this case, a literal one, trotted out to connect on a 50-yard kick to give San Francisco the go-ahead point. The 49ers beat the Rams 36-35.


OK, that fake game recap wasn't legit by any means. But, the 9-point touchdown could be a rule change in 2015 if the Indianapolis Colts, the thinkers behind the idea, have their way.

The Colts, like many NFL clubs, submitted new rule changes to the league's competition committee on Wednesday. The list of proposals will be discussed at next week's annual NFL Owners' Meetings in Phoenix, Ariz.

Indianapolis' bold idea has received the most media buzz thus far of any tinkering with NFL rules. The Colts proposed that a successful two-point conversion following a touchdown should result in a 50-yard kick for an additional point. Indianapolis also proposed the 9-point touchdown be tested in the preseason.

In other rule-change requests, the New England Patriots suggested the point-after attempt come from the 15-yard line instead of the 2-yard line. The practice was experimented with in the 2014 preseason. The Patriots also proposed fixed sideline, end-line, and goal-line cameras to aid in the replay process. (The 49ers would have surely liked this policy in place for the team's 13-10 home loss to St. Louis that saw the game end in a controversial end-zone fumble by Kaepernick).

The Detroit Lions proposed that all penalties should be subjected to review. The Tennessee Titans suggested that personal foul penalties be subjected to a coach's challenge.

Lastly, the Chicago Bears asked that each team receive at least one possession in overtime games.

In total, 23 rule changes will be discussed at the league meetings next week. Eighteen of the suggestions came from NFL clubs.

We want to hear from the 49ers Faithful on this subject. What do you think of the 9-point touchdown or the other suggestions from NFL clubs?

Better yet, what rule change would you implement in 2015?

Let us know in the comments section of this post.

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