Service Focus: Needs vs. Wants

At Playmaker Training Camp, we discussed how it is our responsibility to meet the needs of our fans.  If a fan needs to find her seat or section, we should help her find it.

We also discussed how we should be on the lookout for opportunities to fulfill our fans' 'wants'. Rather than just pointing a fan in the right direction, we can also point out where she can find garlic fries on the way to her seat. As Playmakers, if we are mindful of both wants and needs, we can deliver a game-changing experience. Starting with the first game on Thursday, we'll have cards in the break room where you can recognize your fellow Playmakers for fulfilling both our fans' wants and needs. Be on the lookout for your teammates doing a great job and fill out a card telling us about what you saw. Join us in celebrating examples of great service from our Playmakers and working as a team to provide our fans with a first-class gameday experience!

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