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Send Us Your Themed #49ersWedding Pictures

We collected your #49ersCar#49ersBaby#K9ers and #49ersEdit pictures. In this edition of Niners Daily, we ask for your photos and memories of showing your love for your significant other... while also showing love for your team.


Lindsay Caceres and her husband were married on Oct. 18 in Fairfield, Calif., but the planning (as it is for almost all weddings) started well before then.

"The first thing I asked myself was, 'What is something that is totally us?'" Caceres wrote to us in an email, "and we both decided that a 49ers theme would be a total definition of us."

At their ceremony and reception, the bride and groom used a depth chart for their seating chart; gave rally towels to their guests; and had everyone sign their favorite jerseys.

We asked Caceres what sort of research went into her planning, which also included the day's red-and-gold motif.

Examples of "49ers-themed weddings (were) actually kind of hard to find," she said. "I'm pretty sure there (are) a lot out there but not posted online. The stuff we used for our wedding were just ideas that I came up with."

With that, we want to hear you.

There are two ways to send us your 49ers-themed wedding pictures and stories: using the #49ersWedding hashtag on Twitter or by emailing us.

Thanks in advance for participating.

Here is what we have so far.

Those who wed to a San Francisco 49ers-themed ceremony and reception show a special dedication to their team.

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