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Rookie Diary with Davis


To catch everyone up, last weekend I went back to DC for an appearance for Under Armour. I just had to sign autographs and stuff. Everyone was calling me Click Clack and that's what I signed my stuff as. I guess I can't get away from that nickname.

While I was back there, I went to go visit my family a little bit and that was about all. I spent some time with my grandma who I am very close to and so that was time well spent.

My aunt read my diary last week and was asking how loud my roommate was snoring and I told her he sure did snore loud as heck. I couldn't deal with the snoring any longer because I really wasn't getting any sleep, and so I moved over to an Extended Stay. So now I'm getting some good rest again.

We just wrapped up our second week of OTAs. It is going good out there. For me personally I think it is getting better because I'm just learning more and I'm doing better on the field because I am not thinking as much. It's been a little tiring but you grind through it.

On Wednesday, which was our day off, I just relaxed. You get that day off and you just really want to relax and not do much. I left the hotel for a minute and grabbed dinner at Red Robin. I just grabbed a burger and a salad. I don't really care for the food too much but it is convenient to get to so it works.

Me and most of the rookies didn't get out until about 3:30 and so I didn't make it to the billiards event they had for the guys. I just wanted to get back to the hotel and get into the playbook some and just relax really.

I finally chose the one house I liked out of the three and so now my realtor is getting the paperwork together, so it should be taken care of fairly soon.

I like to be in the weight room a lot and we've got a hard core guy in Johnny Parker as our coach down there. He's very motivated and he pushes all of us when we are in the weight room. We do a lot of power lifts down there.

I didn't get into any fights this week. There is no need for any of that. I'm too busy learning.

I feel good about everything. I've gotten to know the coaches better, and just being in the meeting room and out on the field, it makes you feel more comfortable with your teammates and everyone.

Lately we've been breaking down the practice huddle with Super Bowl. I don't know who started it but it sure sounds good to me and I think it's great to have that goal to work towards.

This weekend I'm thinking about heading to the beach. I've always wanted to learn to surf but I've never had the opportunity and I'm not going to just go out there and get crushed. So, I'll just go sit on the beach somewhere and enjoy the weather and the view.

I take my playbook everywhere I go and I'll likely take it, or at least my notepad with all of my notes in it to the beach with me to study.

That's it for this week!

Vernon Davis

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