Roman: Colin Kaepernick to 'Battle His Way Out'


When Colin Kaepernick plays well, the 49ers win.

In San Francisco's six wins, Kaepernick completed 61 percent of his passes, tossing nine touchdowns against one interception.

In four losses, Kaepernick completed 50 percent of his passes, with two touchdowns versus six interceptions.

It's that simple. The numbers don't lie.

Still, the team's coaching staff is not focused – outwardly, anyway – on its signal-caller's individual statistics. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman is instead intent on "identifying" issues, "fixing" them and "reemphasizing" what's already working.

This goes for all 11 players comprising the unit, not just the unit's leader.

"We're not chasing stats. And Colin's doing a lot of really good things well. Those things aren't necessarily reflected in the stats, especially the past couple of weeks," offensive coordinator Greg Roman said Friday, taking a break from his preparation for Monday's Week 12 game at Washington. "As far as his development as a quarterback, this is incredibly valuable for him to go through these types of situations, battle his way out and learn from them because to play quarterback in this league is a tall task.

"This is a very opportunistic time for him to learn and get better from it."

In the meantime, the 49ers don't expect him to shrivel under the bright lights of "Monday Night Football" in the nation's capital. Almost a year to the date of his first NFL start – against the Bears in Chicago on "MNF" on Nov. 19 – Kaepernick will be counted on to match his right arm and running style against those of Washington's Robert Griffin III.

Whether he's struggled or not in the team's Week 10 and 11 losses versus Carolina and at New Orleans is of little consequence.

"As I tell the 'Kap', as I tell the guys before each game, just go out there and play. We've got you on defense," linebacker Joe Staley said. "My analogy (involves) Kobe Bryant or Allen Iverson. They shoot the ball a bunch, but that's what they do. You'd never want to tell them, 'Hey, stop shooting,' because you believe in those guys just like I believe in our offense."

Despite Kaepernick presiding over an offense that hasn't cracked the 200-yard mark consecutive weeks, belief isn't lacking on the offensive side either. Confidence starts with Roman.

"Those opportunities are out there and the roof's going to blow off," the play-caller said. "It's going to pop. It's coming. We keep working like we're working and it will come."


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