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Reviews of Colin Kaepernick's Offseason Workouts

Over the past few months, Colin Kaepernick's offseason training program in Arizona has been the subject of many NFL headlines.

The vast majority of that narrative has centered on the signal-caller learning under the tutelage of Super Bowl MVP quarterback Kurt Warner.

But although the San Francisco 49ers will begin their offseason workout schedule on Tuesday, the team and its new coaching staff will have to wait an additional two weeks before seeing firsthand the improvements its franchise quarterback has made since last fall.

(Note: Per league rules, coaches may not instruct players until phase two of the NFL Offseason Workout Program, which begins two weeks after the initial April 7 start date.)

Until then, let's let a couple of Kaepernick's peers, including Warner himself, speak about the quarterback's development.

"I've really enjoyed working with Colin.  What I love first and foremost is that he's working hard," Warner said on NFL Network's Total Access. "He's putting in the time, and he wants to get better and better at his craft.

"The hard thing is that you're taking a guy who has relied so much on his athletic ability over the years, and you're trying to turn him into a guy who can be more comfortable in a quarterback position. For him, it's finding that balance between 'When do I be a quarterback?' and 'When do I be an athlete?'"

Another player who has seen plenty of Kaepernick recently weighed in on the subject as well. Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate, formally of the rival Seattle Seahawks, appeared on NFL Network and was asked about Kaepernick's future during a roundtable discussion with other analysts.

"The best is still yet to come," Tate said. "This is a guy who is athletic, has a very strong arm and you have to remember this is a guy who took over a team midseason and took them to the Super Bowl and then to an NFC Championship game.

"He still has it. He didn't have his best year, but he's only on year five. I think he's going to hit his ceiling."

Tate, who said he worked out with Kaepernick last offseason, went on to add more perspective on the franchise quarterback's evolution.

"You have to remember that he's in the NFC West, the best defensive division," Tate said. "He was thrown into the fire quickly, and I think he's going to get sharper; he's ready to go take that next step.

"I've had a chance to work out with him a few times. He has it. The guy's work ethic is phenomenal, and he's a great leader. I'm excited for him, I'm rooting for him and I think he's going to have a great year."

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