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Reuben Foster: 'We've Still Got Will, We've Still Got Fight'

The San Francisco 49ers dropped their ninth-straight game on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. The 49ers struggled with injuries, penalties and self-inflicted wounds on Sunday, falling to 0-9 on the season.

Here are some of the top quotes from 49ers players and coaches following the Week 9 loss.

Kyle Shanahan on the toughness of quarterback C.J. Beathard:
"He's shown it to me every time he's played. He showed it in college a lot. It was one of the things that I liked about him the most. He showed a ton of it last week and it didn't get any easier this week. There was some that he missed, especially that one at the end bouncing off of Trent's [Brown] helmet. But, I thought C.J. did a lot of good things today, too. I think it could have looked a lot better for him if we caught a lot of those balls also."

Shanahan on Reuben Foster's performance:
"When I looked up, I saw him make some plays. I was pretty involved with some of the situations we had on offense today, so I wasn't locked into every situation on defense. I saw him make some plays and I thought our defense gave us a chance to win that game. I was glad Reuben was able to make it through. I know he went down at one time in the game. Just some lingering effects of his high ankle sprain, which will probably continue to bother him throughout the year. But, I was glad to see him come back and finish it."Shanahan on the 49ers struggle to score points:
"I think we've been changing up our people the last few weeks, too. We've got a lot of different guys going in there. Happened throughout this game. We'll see how that ends up being next week. We've had some challenges on us and I know a lot of teams are banged up this year. Obviously, we are. I thought we had a few opportunities in that game to move the ball and get some points. When we did, ended up getting a sack the next one. After the big one to Marquise [Goodwin], I think it was about a 55-yard gain. We ended up getting a holding call the next one. I believe followed by a sack, which led us to a field goal. I was happy with how we responded in the third quarter, coming out, getting a touchdown. Then when I thought the defense had a few key stops, one in particular, I thought we were going to get some momentum going our way. Started out the drive with a couple drops too, which held us back. We've been struggling on third down most of the year, so it's been hard to overcome some of these situations."Beathard on missed opportunities on offense:

"The opportunities are there, we just aren't making them. Dallas, we were in the red zone a couple times, fumbled. Today, we got down there then we had a penalty that kicked us back. We just got to be able to finish. We're moving the ball, we just got to be able to finish drives and get the points on the board."Beathard on taking 16 quarterback hits:
"That's one thing. I'm not afraid of getting hit. So, that won't affect me. It never has. I'm tough and I've been able to take things. Obviously if I'm injured then I won't force myself in there but as of now I haven't been injured."Elvis Dumervil on the 49ers number of injuries this season:
"It's part of football. I'm sure the other 31 teams are dealing with it. We don't feel sorry for ourselves. We have professionals here. We've just got to get the job done. We've got the Giants and we're onto them."Reuben Foster on facing veteran running back Adrian Peterson:
"I felt good hitting him. That is one of the greats. I watched him when I thought about playing football. To play against him, you know that he has some good wisdom under his belt. He is tricky. He has the vet moves. He did a great job today and I was honored to play against him."Foster on the state of the 49ers:
"You have to take it as a man, knowing you're 0-9. You've got to go back to the drawing board. You've got to keep going. I'll be darned if I let this team go down or the coaches let this team go down. We've still got will. We've still got fight. Don't count us out. It's 0-9, but not for long."Brandon Fusco on Beathard's resilience:
"I'm proud of him, how he has handled himself. As an O-line we haven't done our job well enough. That starts with me, that starts with anyone. We have to be better. We have to watch the film and get better from this. We have a good team in front of us in the Giants. We have a big challenge ahead of us."Marquise Goodwin on having to step as No. 1 receiver:
"Critical drops. I dropped a first down ball that I make 100 percent of the time. Well, obviously not. I just have to do better, especially with Pierre Garçon out. I just have to do a better job of being complete the whole game. I can't be sporadic. We fought and we played hard. We just have to execute. People want to make it about us being young, but the league doesn't care about it and the fans don't care about it. We just need wins for the great coaches that we have and our great GM and great owner. They treat us so well here. We just have to do better. That's it."Goodwin on the 49ers 0-9 record:
"There will be plenty of positive to come out of it. How do you get to that point is just faith. You have to have strong faith. You have to believe in something, and you have to believe in each other. We do. That's why we come out each week. We're not coming out losing the game already. We come out with the mentality to win. We just have to execute that. We have to be that. That has to become a part of us. We haven't quite gotten there yet."Eric Reid on his move back to safety against the Cardinals:
"The cool part about it is that now I know what everyone is doing. I know what the linebackers have and we can communicate better. I know their issues. At the end of the day, I think that the move helped me."

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