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Safety is our number one priority. In the event you identify a possible hazard at the stadium, please do your part to protect everyone and notify your supervisor, the Command Post, or the Stadium Operations office immediately (415) 656-4949.

Time Clock

Playmakers need to clock "IN" and "OUT" within zero to 15 minutes prior to your start time. Do not clock in any earlier than 15 minutes prior to your assigned report time. If you are not sure what time you are scheduled, please reach out to your supervisor for clarification.

Fan Complaints or Concerns

Playmakers should respect our fans and always handle fan complaints in a professional manner. If a complaint seems like it might take more than a minute to resolve, Playmakers should attempt to find a location better suited to address our fans' needs or concerns.
If you are unable to resolve the issue immediately, contact a supervisor or ambassador, or escort the fan to Guest Services (Room 397) or Stadium Operations (Room 398) for further assistance.

First Aid Emergencies

In the event that there is a first aid emergency, Playmakers should follow these guidelines:

  • Contact the Command Post via radio channel 2 or by dialing (415) 656-4959.
  • Clearly define the nature of the problem.
  • Clearly provide the location of the problem.
  • Clear space around the injured person.
  • Provide comforting assistance until additional personnel arrives.
  • Fill out Incident cards accurately and completely.

Incident Reporting

The following are guidelines to assist Playmakers in properly and accurately reporting an incident.

  • Playmakers always carry incident cards and writing instruments to properly write down details of the incident.
  • Playmakers listen to and assure fans that their incident will be addressed promptly.
  • Playmakers write their reports with neat handwriting and in ink.
  • Playmakers write their reports accurately, always including the correct time and date.
  • If police or medical personnel are on scene, Playmakers provide their name and badge number.
  • Playmakers at the scene of an incident identify as many witnesses as possible.
  • Playmakers complete their report and turn it in to their supervisor on the same day as the incident (immediately if deemed serious in nature).
  • Playmakers avoid making statement(s) regarding admission of liability or fault to anyone.
  • Playmakers only discuss and review incidents with supervisory and/or 49ers Stadium Operations personnel.

Lost Child

Wristbands to distribute to families with little ones will be available for you to carry. If you spot a family with a young child, offer to give the child a wristband. Fill out the information of the parent/guardian, so that in the event the child gets lost, we will have their seat location and phone number to assist in the reuniting them with each other.
FOUND CHILDREN MUST BE PERSONALLY ESCORTED AND MUST BE COMMUNICATED TO THE COMMAND POST. Children are to be attended to until they are reunited with their proper guardian or released to SFPD.

Radio Reminders

Be calm when you speak.
Before you talk, listen for radio traffic.
Identify yourself and the location where you need assistance.
Wait for acknowledgement before continuing to speak.
State your issue clearly and distinctly.

If You See Something, Say Something

In order to make everyone's gameday experience as memorable and enjoyable as possible, we need everyone's help. There are over 3,000 eyes working here on gameday, and we need them all. If you see something, say something!

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