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Reggie Bush Explains Why He Wants to Return Kicks

Although he has yet to participate in team drills, Reggie Bush's presence at San Francisco 49ers training camp has certainly been felt. 

At any given time during practice, the veteran running back can be seen coaching up the younger players on the team. 

Bush's absence isn't due to injury, rather the coaching staff wants to keep him fresh for the regular season. Part of that reason is because Bush has expressed interest in having a role in the return game this year.

The 10th-year vet was asked about that and more recently when he spoke to Bay Area media at team headquarters.

Question:Why at 30 years old are you so eager to have a role on special teams?


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Bush:** It's just another way for me to get the ball in my hands. It's another way for me to be able to help out the team. I love returning punts. I didn't do it for the last four years because I took on a bigger role as a running back. Not that it won't be the same thing here, but I feel like the opportunity is wide open to do a little bit of everything and let the coaches kind of narrow down what it is they exactly want me to do.

Question:Looking back to your time at USC, was returning kicks some of the most fun you had?

Bush:You don't even have to go that far back. You can go back to when I was with the Saints. I've always enjoyed returning punts. I've always enjoyed being back there and being able to change the game with one play. So I'm looking forward to being able to do it here too.

Question: How is your timing with Colin Kaepernick coming along?

Bush:I think we're right on track. Looking back to minicamp and OTAs, I thought we really hit it off pretty quickly. I like to think I'm not too hard of a guy to work with. I'm pretty quarterback friendly, and I think we really established that chemistry early on.

The free agent addition to the San Francisco 49ers goes through drills at a recent Organized Team Activity.

Question: What are your impressions of Jarryd Hayne so far?

Bush:He's coming along great. From what I've seen, he's working hard. He's staying after practice and working on the details. Almost every day he's working on his mechanics, his footwork and how to hold the ball. All those things add up to being a great running back in this league. He's working overtime to help make a difference on this team.

Question: What have you seen from Vernon Davis coming off a down year in 2014?

Bush:Honestly, I've been very impressed with what I've seen from Vernon. He's a beast. It's hard to cover him if you're a linebacker, safety, whatever. From what I've seen in practice, the guy is almost unstoppable when he wants to be. And the first couple of months I've really been able to play with him and watch him, it tells me this guy is a great player. He hasn't lost a stop, he's still one of the fastest guys out there. He has great hands and great size, Again, I've been very impressed with what I've seen. I love watching him run routes.

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