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QB Jimmy Garoppolo Makes Positive First Impression on the 49ers Locker Room

One of the biggest NFL headlines this week remains the San Francisco 49ers trade for New England Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. The blockbuster move came within the final 24 hours before the NFL trade deadline.

Garoppolo may have appeared in just 17 games over his four-year career in New England, but behind the limited snaps comes a pedigree from one of the league's most reputable franchises.

Garoppolo took part in his first practice as a member of the 49ers on Wednesday and faces a steep learning curve as he attempts to pick up Kyle Shanahan's offense.

Here's a look at the locker room's reaction to the 49ers new face under center.C.J. Beathard on the 49ers trade for Garoppolo:
"I'm a rookie in this business. It's my first big encounter with a big move being made. But it's awesome. Jimmy is a good guy. It's been nice getting to know him already."Beathard on his role as the 49ers starting quarterback:
"Kyle is still confident in what I've been doing. It had nothing to do with my first two starts. It was just an opportunity. And Jimmy's a really good quarterback, too. It's just an opportunity to up the competition level."Beathard on the challenge of learning the playbook:
"I think the biggest thing is learning the playbook. It's a wordy, it's kind of funny because a few weeks ago it was me asking Brian (Hoyer), and now the role has changed. Now he's asking me about the playbook because I know it better than he does. Definitely the biggest thing is learning that, learning the verbiage, and everything like that."Marquise Goodwin on what Garoppolo brings to the 49ers:
"It's another way to help the team try to capture some W's and get the organization back in the direction it needs to be."

"(Jimmy has) a winning attitude. He knows how to win. He's been around it for years and years under one of the best quarterbacks of all time. I know he's picked up a lot from him. So I look forward to getting an opportunity to play with him."Goodwin on the addition of a new quarterback:
"I've experienced a lot of changes when I was in Buffalo. I played with four or five different quarterbacks in one year. I've dealt with it coming from college to the NFL. It's not something you expect to happen but being that this league is 100% an injury rate, you have to accept that and accept the changes that are being made and hope that they're for the better."Trent Taylor on what he can learn from Garoppolo:
"(Garoppolo is) a guy who's won a couple of Super Bowls behind Tom Brady with the Patriots. You learn a lot just from being there, being in that system, being around guys who know how to win. Hopefully he can bring a little bit of that over to us."Garrett Celek on Garoppolo:
"I was excited. I got to watch him play, and I thought he did really well. I think we've got a really good quarterback."

"I'm going to do my best to try and make him look good and hopefully, him make me look good and the rest of the team look good. I think everyone on this team is just going to carry about their business the same way. It's business as usual."

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