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Q&A with WR Brian Robiskie



Ohio State wide receiver Brian Robiskie is one of the top players at his position. Read what he had to say to the media at the 2009 NFL Combine.**

Q: With your father Terry Robiskie being the wide receivers coach of the Atlanta Falcons and a longtime coach in the NFL, does that help you focus on the Combine as a business?
A: I think growing up in a household with my father, who's been doing this for a long time, it's how I've approached it. Being able to play this game I love is how I've approached it. Not a lot of people have this opportunity. At the same time, this is a business and we are here doing our job interviews.

Q: How much of an influence has your father had on your football career?
A: I don't know where to begin. He's done so much for me. Having him to call when I have a question, he's always been there for me. He just continues to do so much. He's here with me now. I know he's here with the Falcons and he's doing his thing, but just knowing he's there for me if I need something, it means a lot.

Q: What were those postgame calls like?
A: He doesn't wait until Sunday. He calls me Saturday. He'll call me Saturday night. I normally don't talk to him too much before the game or that week leading up to it. I know he's just as busy as I am. But right after the game, I usually have a voicemail or two from him depending on how I played. I just feel so blessed, because to have him coaching the position I play, it makes it great for me because he sees some things that not everyone can see.

Q: What will you take away with you from your time at Ohio State?
A: I think it's one of the best places to go as far as wanting to grow as a football player and grow as a person. I think coach Tressel does a phenomenal job with his program of just bringing guys in and getting them ready physically and getting them ready for the mental side of it as well. I think it's one of the best places in the country.

Q: What's it going to be like for you going from a top program to possibly being drafted by a team with a losing record?
A: If that's the situation that you end up being in, you just have to take the mentality that you have and try to bring it to that team. By going to that team, it shouldn't change anything that you're doing. The same things you were doing to be successful at that program, just try to implement it with that team and help them get to where they want to be.

Q: Have you been speaking with former college teammates who are playing in the league?
A: I've talked to Santonio (Holmes) and I've haven't talked to Gonzo (Anthony Gonzales) in awhile but he's one of the guys that comes back and works out with us. They both said the same thing, when you come here – approach it like a job interview. Once you come here, be focused and professional and just try to maximize your opportunity.

Q: What were your experiences like in practice going up against fellow draft prospect Malcolm Jenkins?
A: I don't know if there's any one thing that gets him every time and I don't know if there's one thing that he does that gets me, but going against him for the past four years, just being able to practice against him and compete with him everyday at a level I don't think I would've otherwise – it's helped both of our games a lot. I know it's been great for both of us.

Q: How do you rank yourself with other top receivers here?
A: I think I'm right here with anybody in this class. I know for me, I just have to go through this process and work out Sunday and hopefully at the end of the day I'll be right there with everybody.

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