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Q&A with DE Brian Orakpo



One of the players who could possibly be a top selection in this year's draft is Texas DE Brian Orakpo. Here are some of the highlights from his media session at the NFL Combine.**

Q: What scheme fits you best?
A: The good thing about it is I'm versatile so it really doesn't matter. I fit well in both schemes. I played this last season and I'm very effective in both, so we'll see. It's very important because a lot of teams are going to a 3-4 scheme and you still have the teams that are 4-3. A versatile guy is a guy who can be very versatile and can play any position.

Q: What is the learning curve for you?A: It depends primarily on working on drops instead of just rushing. You have to read a little more coverages so we'll see.

Q: Are you a top-five player?A: I think I can be. I think have the potential, the athleticism and also the learning curve to be. It's not about the best player available. It's about the best player that's needed. So we'll see.

Q: About competing at the combine?
A: You just have to go out there and put on a show. You don't want to go out there and not do well. Then, you have a buzz about you that is not good. You have to go out there and perform, do what you've been practicing all throughout the training process. Don't be scared to show anything. I'm here to do everything. I'm here to have fun and to compete.

Q: What's your favorite position in a perfect world?
A: In a perfect world, I just want to rush the passer, first through fourth down if it was a perfect world. Any position where I can be effective doing what I naturally do best and that's getting after the passer and affecting him. It's not all about the sacks, it's all about pressure.

Q: Talk about the art of the sack, the thrill of the hunt?
A: The thrill is getting off the ball, beating that tackle and getting there. The quarterback barely gets hit anyway. (I like) affecting the guy. You have to put a lot of pressure on the guy.

Q: Are you doing defensive end and linebacker drills?
A: That's the plan. I'm a defensive lineman first and foremost. I think we're going to split up the hybrid type guys, me, Aaron Maybin and Everette Brown, we're going to do some linebacker drills as well.

Q: Is there a guy in the NFL you watched a lot?
A: I watch a lot of guys, Freeney, Jason Taylor, there's a lot of great ends. One guy I really admire and watch is Osi Umenyiora with the Giants. He was a guy who inspired me to get back to the four-point stance that I used last year because he has the same type physique I have and I learned a lot from watching his film.

Q: What are your weaknesses?
A: Every player has weaknesses. If they're telling you you're perfect, they're lying. Sometimes I don't use my speed and power as an advantage all the time, don't get away from technique. Sometimes I catch myself on film getting away from technique because I'm trying to power and speed guy a little too much. It's something I can work on. Keep in mind that my technique is what got me here.

Q: Do you get a bum rap as more of a workout warrior than a true football player?
A: No not really because the film doesn't lie.

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