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Q&A with Cal RB Justin Forsett



Cal running back is making the transition from the Pac-10 to the NFL.  Here are some of the highlights when he addressed the media at the 2008 NFL Scouting Combine...**

Q: Is there any player in the NFL who might be on the shorter side who you pattern your game after?
A: There is nobody I want to be like - I have my own style. There are small guys that are doing it and I admire and guys I like to watch. Maurice Jones-Drew, Brian Westbrook, Michael Turner, they are doing a good job out there and I want to be as successful as they are.

Q: Did your size hurt you in terms of recruiting out of high school?
A: A lot of teams did. Cal came out in the last second. That was an opportunity out of nowhere. No one in Texas offered me. UConn and some D-II schools, but nobody really big did. I would have played anywhere. TCU didn't call. I went to their camp. We called every team, Rice, all of them. I was too small.

Q: How did you end up making the decision to go to Cal?
A: I had a offer from Notre Dame that came in after my high school game and they said they were going to give me a full ride but 2 weeks before signing day they pulled back. I had to do the recruiting process all over again. I had to send tapes out to the West Coast and cal didn't care about my size. They so how productive I was and I went out there and loved it.

Q: How did you like living in Berkeley?A: It's different, it's definitely different from where I grew up in Florida or Arlington. It's different, but the school is incredible academically. It was fun to learn there.

Q: What are you looking to do this week at the Combine?
A: Just do my best in everything. I'm going to go out there and give it my all, 100 percent. I've prepared myself so I just go out and do it now.

Q: How do you describe Jeff Tedford's offense?A: It's an exciting offense. He gets his playmakers the ball. We had a lot of talented guys on offense from receivers to offensive line to running backs. And he always finds a way to get the ball. I would line up in the slot and run routes like a receiver and run the ball. It helped me increase my overall game in the offense.

Q: Have you gotten a lot of questions from NFL teams about your size?
A: Some teams don't even ask. Some guys don't care about it or look at your size issue. Hopefully one of those teams can give me a shot. When you come out on the field when you are 6-3, 260 pounds and all chiseled and run a 4.3 they love that. I just want somebody to give me an opportunity. Hopefully one of those guys like a productive back not a small or big back.

Q: What was it like to play with DeSean Jackson?
A: It's great. You can't focus on one area of our offense because we were so powerful. It's pick your poison, double him out there and we'll hurt you with the run.

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