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Q&A for Kids with WR Arnaz Battle

Q: Where did you grow up?


A: Shreveport, Louisiana

Q: What was your room decorated like as a kid?
A: It was pretty simple. I just had my trophies and rewards from sports and academics around the room and that was pretty much it. I think my first trophy was for being a straight A student.

Q: Do you have any siblings?
A: I have a sister. Her name is Amber and she's 16. We are nine years apart. We get along great.

Q: How do you feel about her boyfriends?
A: I don't ever meet any of them. My mom is pretty strict with her, so I don't think there will be any problems. I really can't tell her what to do, I'm pretty sure she didn't like some of my girlfriends. I'd just voice my opinion if I did meet one I didn't like and hopefully she would take that into account

Q: If you woke up from a bad dream, what would you do as a kid?
A: Probably just throw the covers up over my head and make myself go back to sleep. I was afraid of Freddie Krueger, Jason, all of those horror characters in movies.

**Q: Who was your favorite sports


hero as a kid?**
A: Michael Jordan

Q: What was your best subject in school?
A: Science. I liked all of my science classes from biology to chemistry. I thought dissecting was one of the most interesting parts of it. We did starfish, frogs and sharks.

Q: What was the best or worst vacation you ever took as a kid?
A: The best was every summer I'd drive with my grandparents from Louisiana to California . We'd stop in Texas and visit family, Then we'd go to Denver, and then to Vegas and then all the way to Oakland . Then we'd hit those same spots on the same way. My favorite was Las Vegas and going to Circus Circus. My grandparents were pretty cool. They'd throw some old school on the radio, but they'd listen to some R&B. If I wasn't eating, I was probably sleeping.

Q: What was the most trouble you got in as a kid?
A: I've never been in trouble. I've never had detention or anything. I wasn't a teacher's pet though either. In middle school, I had this one teacher who would kick me out all the time. He just didn't like me. I could ask a person next to me to borrow a pencil, and he'd kick me out of class. Besides that, I've never been in trouble.

Q: What was the best field trip you ever took in school?
A: We went to a Captains game. They are a minor league baseball team under the Giants I think.

Q: When it was time for arts and crafts in school, what was the coolest project you ever put together?
A: We would decorate for the school plays. That's the only thing I can think of.

Q: Did you make the cut for the play?
A: Yeah, one year I was the golden ring in that Five Golden Rings part for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Q: Were you a big Saturday morning cartoon watcher?
A: I'd watch maybe Transformers or GI Joe, but I'd eat breakfast and watch those and then I would always have my football game and then I'd come home and watch Notre Dame and college football all day. And then, I'd go play some more football. I always kept a football in my hand.

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