Plays of the Year: Frank Gore's Game-clinching Run will continue revealing the top 10 plays of the team's 2013 season. Each of the plays, which were voted on and ranked by 49ers Studios staff, will feature a highlight video. We continue our countdown at No. 2...*


Late in the fourth quarter of the 49ers Week 14 matchup opposite the Seattle Seahawks.


Candlestick Park in San Francisco.


Running back Frank Gore's 51-yard run on a nifty cutback on a play, "97 G-Rub," offensive coordinator Greg Roman had never called before.


Lining up behind fullback Bruce Miller, Gore charged toward the left side of the line of scrimmage. At the second level, where tight end Garrett Celek and right guard Alex Boone were holding Seahawks defenders at bay, Gore cut to his right, right in front of Seattle free safety Earl Thomas, who eventually caught up with defensive backfield 'mate Richard Sherman when Gore pierced the red zone.


...was it so important? Gore's run gave the 49ers the ball at the Seahawks 18-yard line with less than four minutes left in the game, which they trailed by one point. Six plays later, San Francisco took a 19-17 lead on a second straight Gore run up the gut. With the victory, the 49ers strengthened their position in the NFC playoff race.


...did Gore get it done? The franchise's all-time rushing king showed that, while he may not have home run-type speed, he can juke the best of them, the best of them being Thomas, one of the NFL's top safeties. With one cut, Gore fooled him and the entire Seattle defense. Of course, some of the credit goes to Roman for dialing up the play-call at exactly the right time. San Francisco's offensive coordinator was at his best on this game-winning drive, also calling a designed run for Colin Kaepernick that he had called for Alex Smith during the 2011 postseason. Turned out, Gore plus 'G-Ro' equaled 'G-Rub' and a 49ers win.



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