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Online with Jennings: Toss it Up


We had Sunday off and that was great because it allowed us a full day to rest up for the two padded practice we had today. I went back to my crib and went swimming and just relaxed. I got in my bed and got some good rest and chilled. I went through my playbook and went over some things and refreshed myself.

I'm actually feeling good after both of these practices. It's great weather out here for us, and I've been doing it for a while, so it's all coming back for me.

I heard the Bears had their practice cancelled today I guess because it was so hot. We had that happen once in Buffalo up in Rochester. They called it a hazardous heat or something but coach still made us take it into the gym. He wasn't just letting us out of practice. It was hot. I do remember that.

Anyhow, after the morning practice I always get my cold tub in, replenish the fluids, get any rehab or maintenance I might need and then get some lunch. We've usually got about an hour before meetings and I like to really be ready for my meetings because Coach Warhop is going to make sure we know our stuff before practice. Some guys take a nap between practices but I usually don't try that because it's not long enough and then I end up being real cranky in that second practice.

Bobby Payne and Sam Wilder tossed it up a little out there this afternoon. It was just a little fight waiting to happen. It actually happened about four plays sooner between Bobby and another guy so he was all ticked off and looking for someone to get after.

I haven't had any fights myself this camp. I'm actually a nice guy. No one is really trying to entice me and toss me up so I haven't gotten into toss it up mode. It's a family affair. It's about taking care of your teammates. We need everybody that we have. There's no time for me to be breaking my hand or anyone to break a hand trying to fight.

I do like to root on my guys when we are doing our one-on-one drill against the defensive line. I was messing around with all of them today since I'd already taken my reps and my day was done. I was just stirring the pot and encouraging the guys as they are trying to show what they've got up against those defensive linemen.

It was good to get out there today in the pads and bang around a little bit. . There isn't too much different because the front is always physical whether we have pads or not, but it's good to get the banging going with the rest of the team. That's real football. The other football, that's finesse football. When you are pads, it gets a little more physical.

I think anyone out at practice today saw how nasty Larry Allen and I are playing next to each other. We like to have fun. We like that Coach wants to bring it our way.

Camp does take a toll on your body but each day it's important to get the work in out there. It becomes important though to get in the cold tub and do the things to take care of your body. It gets very cold in the cold tub. I had one with four bags of ice in it. The first two minutes are painful. After that, you go numb and you are just cold. But doing that, and eating right, balancing your carbs and your starches is really the right thing to do. When you are out there banging with two practices like today, you've got to just rejuvenate for the next day and get your rest because the show goes on.

I can't comment on much in the outside world because all I've had time for is camp, so that wraps it up for me this week.

  • Jonas Jennings
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