On MLB Hall of Fame Election Day, Looking back at 49ers Inductees

Twenty-two NFL players that put on the red and gold have been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and a few more have been elected to the 49ers Hall of Fame.


In this Tuesday edition of Niners Daily, we highlight San Francisco 49ers Hall of Famers and take a quick trip around the league.

Halls of Fame

Major League Baseball's Craig Biggio, John Smoltz, Pedro Martinez and Randy Johnson were elected into the
National Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday morning.

We used this news as an excuse to dig up this fact: Twenty-two NFL alums who wore the red and gold were
elected to the Pro Football Hall of Hame.

**Joe Perry** (1948-1960, 1963); **Leo Nomellini** (1950-1963); **Y.A. Tittle** (1951-1960); **Hugh McElhenny** (1952-1960); **Bob St. Clair** (1953-1963); John Henry Johnson (1954-1956); **Jimmy Johnson** (1961-1976; **Dave Wilcox** (1964-1974); Bob Hayes (1975); O.J. Simpson (1978-1979); **Joe Montana** (1979-1992); **Bill Walsh** (1979-1988); **Fred Dean** (1981-1985); **Ronnie Lott** (1981-1990); **Jerry Rice** (1985-2000); **Steve Young** (1987-1999); Deion Sanders (1994); Rickey Jackson (1994-95); Richard Dent (1994); Chris Doleman (1996-98); Rod Woodson (1997); and Larry Allen (2006-07). 

Around the NFL

The Vault

All four members of the 49ers vaunted "Million-dollar Backfield" are in both the Pro Football and 49ers Halls
of Fame.

Sixty years ago, San Francisco's talented and aptly-nicknamed backfield came to be, comprising four Hall of Famers: Hugh McElhenny, Joe Perry, Y.A. Tittle and John Henry Johnson.

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