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On-Line with Jonas Jennings


I am excited to start the season and being able to go out there with the guys when it really counts. Anytime you get to open in front of your home fans is a blessing, especially being my first game with the team. I am ready to get out there and do my thing.

Preseason was good, but now it's time to take it to another level. In preseason you are only out there for a short time, but now you are out for the duration. Now we have to game plan and study our opponent for the week. This week has been a true NFL week, going through every possible scenario you would go through in a game.

I am familiar with most of the Rams defense from my time in Buffalo because we played all of the teams in the NFC West last year. I know Leonard (Little) from back in the day and he is a cool cat. We know the Rams are fast, speedy guys that like to get to the ball and play hard. We have to match that tenacity and go out and play our game.

Besides that I have been kicking back and relaxing. We had a couple of days off early in the week, but it's all about being a pro, preparing yourself both mentally and physically, and so I took it pretty easy. I bought a couple of DVDs, Hostage and Million Dollar Baby. Both of them got thumbs up. I liked the twists in both of them. I kind of wish Million Dollar Baby ended a different way but it showed real life so I can accept that.

On a more personal side, fortunately, I didn't have any family impacted by the devastating Hurricane Katrina. But I have sent clothes and other donations to help out with the clean up and aid. I am working on some more donations back home at Atlanta. I am also glad that Warrick Dunn reached and challenged players to donate. I am going to help out in any way I can. It's one of these situations that puts things in perspective. It's all about family and unity. We have to help out in our land first. We have a moral obligation in some sense to go out and help others when they are going through hard times. I know they are doing a drive at the stadium this week for the victims of Katrina, so following in suit of Dunn, I urge everyone to contribute.

I'll be checking in again soon.

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