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On-Line With Jennings on Championship Games


My shoulder is fine. It's doing very well. I'm already back lifting and doing the necessary things it takes to get ready for mini camps. Since I had time because of the shoulder already keeping me out, they went in and freed up some stuff in my knee. It's something that can only help me. It wasn't a repair as much as a clean up.

Every year I go back and do a break down of my games. It was quick for me this year because I only had those three games. I look at the mistakes and whether it was something I did or the defender did differently and just try to get better. I usually try to also polish up on the offensive system but since we have a new coordinator, I'll have to probably start over and wait until I can get with Norv and hopefully get that play book so I can go ahead and get started with studying it.

A couple of my friends actually played for Norv in Miami and then Champ Bailey played for him in Washington and when he got the job, they called me and told me I'd love the guy both as a person and a coach. Statistically, I played in Buffalo and we went up against him in Miami and so I know what he does on the offensive side of the ball. With Ricky Williams and some of those guys down there, they were pretty good on offense.

I watched the American Idol debut the other night. It's the new season and it was so funny. Wow! I usually watch House every Tuesday but American Idol was on so I watched it and it was the first auditions before you go to Hollywood. There were some untalented people on there. There was an incident where the grandmother was there and Simon came out and was like, 'She can't sing, you are giving her false hope and she was like I'm a grandmother, what am I supposed to do?' It was entertaining.

I haven't watched Dancing with the Stars but I've heard Master P is pretty hilarious and that Jerry Rice is doing pretty good on there. I've gotten some updates but I haven't watched it yet. I definitely need to try and do that this week.

I haven't been too surprised by any of the playoff games. Pittsburgh has been the biggest shocker but you have to realize what kind of a team they are. They are real physical and physical teams can do well in the playoffs. Pittsburgh is on my good side right now, they are looking good. I've got Georgia guys on each team so either way, I'll be seeing a good friend play in the Super Bowl on the AFC side of things. We'll see what happens.

I bought a bunch of movies on Tuesday. I got Lord of War with Nicholas Cage. It was pretty good. He's a gun salesman but it had a message to it. I also picked up that movie Red Eye and Two for the Money. I want to get out to the movies and see the Road to Glory. I need to check that one out because I hear it is pretty good.

I haven't taken any trips yet because I had to stay around and make sure I was on my thing and everything was everything. I feel like old Jonas now. I'm not gimped up anymore, so now I'm thinking about taking some trips!

That's all for this week! I'll check in again soon.

  • Jonas
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