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On-Line with Jennings: JJ Talks Cowboys


This Sunday will be good because I'll get a chance to see Drew Bledsoe again. We played together at Buffalo last season and Drew and I had a good relationship. He always called me his bodyguard and I called him the general because of the way he controlled himself, and his huddle presence. I'm looking forward to building that same relationship with Tim Rattay. It's fortunate that they play us and Oakland back to back so they are just going to stay here in the area. We will get a chance to go out to dinner and hang out a little bit.

Kevan Barlow took the initiative to take the hogs out to an offensive line dinner on Thursday. It's good to slop around and break bread before the game. Most teams have this as a tradition and I am glad it's continued here. These kinds of things provide cohesion among the offensive line and the unit as a whole. It's always a good thing when you get the line together and take us all out for some good eats. He took us to Maggiano's and I love food like that.

I'm straight from the injury I suffered against Philadelphia when I got hit in the throat. I had a good week of practice and everything was cool. I really didn't want to come out of the game, but I was overridden by the doctors. I've been fine since I left the hospital and everything is all good.

I'm looking forward to this game. Dallas is a physical defense that plays the 3-4. They have great personnel and they are going to play hard, just like we expect to do. It's always good to come home as well. Playing on the road is kind of difficult, but it's always good to come home to your fans. The fans will be excited, knowing that we came off the first win at home so we are expecting our faithful to be our 12th man out there.

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