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On-Line with Jennings: Jessica Simpson, Atlanta Braves and more


This week, I have been catching up on my favorite show "House." I love the show because it is about a diagnostic team that works with rare cases and infectious diseases. House is a guy that will do whatever it takes to get the job done. That's how I approach my job. I have to go get the first season DVD because I missed two episodes.

I'm from Georgia, so I will be rooting for the Atlanta Braves in the playoffs. We always get there but we fall short. I think they are ready this time. They have Smoltz back and they are doing a good job with the pitchers. Hopefully, it's their turn. I actually deal with a therapist that works with a lot of the Braves and she is going to work with my shoulder this week. So hopefully, it will be something that helps me get back on the field sooner.

I heard Nick and Jessica Simpson were breaking up. It's kind of sad. But I kind of new it was headed for disaster. Anytime someone tapes their life and put people in their business it has a chance to be a disaster. It's like a time bomb ready to blow up.

I have one of my best friends and Takeo Spikes' sister coming to the game this weekend. Takeo is out and they are used to going to the games, so it gives them something to do.

Last week in Mexico was an experience. I didn't leave the hotel too much. I stayed in and watched games on Sunday and they were all in Spanish. I watched the San Diego-New England game in Spanish so that was interesting.

I do everything I can do throughout the week to stay sharp. I go in all of the meetings. Even the field goal meetings. I do rehab all of the time between meetings. It's one of those things that you have to put everything you can into it since I don't want to have surgery. You have to be full time on it, so you can get back out there as soon as possible! It's a bummer right now to be out. I want to go out and fight with the guys, and hopefully I can get out there soon.

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