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On-Line with Jennings


I'm continuing to do the same thing with this shoulder injury. I am continuing to push forward and stay positive. I have to focus so I can get back out with my boys and play football. At the same time, I am still going to meetings and doing everything I can to stay up on the game so when I come back it will be like I never missed a beat. I was very proud of the team last week. It made me miss not playing even more. All of my teammates are saying they are going to hold it down for me until I get back. That is always a great thing to hear.

I was very into the Tampa Bay game. Sometimes, Coach Nolan has to reign me back in because I was talking to the referees, guys on the other team, my guys, everyone. I was just doing anything I could, watching the clock, pumping up the guys, etc. It was funny because I got into a couple of the Buccaneers' heads during the game when I was yelling at them from the sidelines. I knew if they focused on me and responded, there was no way their head was in the game.

Basketball is coming up and I think it will be a good year. My (Atlanta) Hawks retooled some, so they should be pretty good. I like the (Phoenix) Suns, I like Shaq so it will be interesting. Hopefully, I can get some good seats to the Warriors game so I can check out Baron Davis! It is going to be an exciting season. When I played in Buffalo, I use to go up to a lot of Toronto Raptors games. Actually, I played in high school with Jamison Brewer of the Indiana Pacers. So I went and checked him out every time they came up to play Toronto. I also checked out Jarvis Hayes with the Wizards who went to school at Georgia. Anytime a Georgia boy was up there I had to go and represent.

That's about all for this week's On-Line with yours truly! Make sure to come help cheer us on this Sunday as we look for another win at home!

  • Jonas
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