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Offseason Q&A with 49ers RB Matt Breida

Matt Breida was one of several promising rookies to play a significant role in the San Francisco 49ers 2017 season. The Georgia Southern product served as the 49ers backup running back all season behind Pierre Garçon, amassing 645 yards from scrimmage and three total touchdowns.

Earlier on Friday, he participated in a reddit AMA (ask me anything) following his morning workout. Here's the best of the best from that Q&A with 49ers fans.Q: Hey Matt! How's it going? You really impressed all of us Niners fans last year and hope you do a great job next year! My question is, who are your favorite player(s) to hangout with in the locker room?


BREIDA:** All the rookies for sure. We were a close group. But to be honest with you, the entire locker room was super close. My locker was next to Jeremy McNichols, Laken Tomlinson, D.J. Jones and Pita (Taumoepenu). All good dudes.

Q: What do you consider your personal strengths and weaknesses of the various parts of playing the running back position?

BREIDA: Strengths: My speed and my vision. Weaknesses: Sometimes I tend to overrun the hole.

Q: Who, not including yourself, of the rookie draft class showed the most "stuff" in practice last season? In other words, who would impress on a daily basis that really stood out to players/coaches?

BREIDA: That would have to be Ahkello (Witherspoon) because of the way I saw him grow in each practice. I know he's got what it takes to be a top corner in the NFL.

Q: Hi Matt, what made you choose the 49ers as an UDFA?

BREIDA: Talking with (run game specialist) Mike McDaniel made the 49ers feel like the right fit. I knew that this team believed in me and knew what I was capable of.

Q: Favorite pregame song to listen to?

BREIDA: "Set it Off" by Lil Boosie.

Q: Do any of the players have nicknames for you?

BREIDA: "Breida the Cheetah". That's what they called me in college. It's stuck when I got here.

Q: Matt what is your favorite touchdown celebration?

BREIDA: I like to cross my arms and mean mug a little bit. I keep it simple.

Q: What skill(s) are you better at than anyone on the team, football or not?

BREIDA: I'm faster than everybody... but Marquise (Goodwin). I've never seen anybody run that fast.

Q: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

BREIDA: No. A hot dog is a hot dog. Next question.

Q: What traits do you think make a running back a good fit in (Kyle) Shanahan's offense?

BREIDA: A back that has great vision, can catch the ball and is not afraid to block.

Q: Pineapple on your pizza or no?

BREIDA: No. That sounds terrible haha.

Q: Hi Matt, a few questions. 1.) What is your favorite cereal? 2.) What is your favorite pregame meal and post game meal? 3.) do you play any video games? If so, which ones?

BREIDA: 1.) Frosted Flakes 2.) pregame: pasta and spaghetti sauce; postgame: steak 3.) Yes. Fortnite, NBA2K and Madden. I'm best at Madden.

Q: Who did you grow up idolizing?

BREIDA: I've always wanted to be as electric with the ball in my hands as Brian Westbrook was.

Q: What are your favorite hobbies (not including football of course)?

BREIDA: Wine tasting (cause I'm classy) with my fiancé, video games (Fortnite, NBA2K and Madden), playing cards and ice skating (sign me up for the 2022 Winter Olympics).


Q:** If you were to do a remake of goodfellas, who would you choose to play the following characters

  • Jimmy Conway
  • Tommy Devito
  • Henry Hill

BREIDA: Yesssss that's my favorite movie.

  • Conway - Trent Taylor
  • Devito - Jimmy G.
  • Hill - Juice

Q: My question is what was the biggest difference you noticed when Jimmy G. started playing?

BREIDA: The confidence in the whole team, especially the rookies. I felt like he brought everyone's game to another level.

Q: If you play Madden (or other football games), what are some things that you would like to see added to the game?

BREIDA: Matt Breida with a 99 overall rating and 99 speed.

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