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Offseason Q&A: Rock Cartwright


The San Francisco 49ers recently wrapped up veteran minicamp and are now taking time off to get ready and recharged for training camp. According to many, the team's offseason program was a rewarding experience which enabled the players to gain understanding of the playbook while getting prepared for the upcoming season. Find out how the offseason workouts went for running back Rock Cartwright, an 11-year veteran, who enters his first season with the 49ers.

Q: What was the best thing about attending the 49ers offseason program?
A: I'd say it's getting to be around the guys. Being here, you get a feel for the coaches and the guys. You see how they work and I've got a tremendous amount of respect for this team. I see why we turned it around so fast last year. The guys put in an extreme amount of work and the guys worked extremely hard with what they do. That's the main thing. Out here, we're giving it everything we've got. We believe in one another and we're committed to getting this ship where we need to be.

Q: What types of things will you do over the month of July to get prepared for training camp?
A: I usually go down to Arizona to work out for three weeks to a month before training camp starts. That's where I spend a lot of my time, trying to get work in the heat. Down there we play volleyball in the sand with a medicine ball. It gets you going and it's a full body workout.

Q: What was your favorite drill of the offseason program?
A: Pretty much everything. There wasn't one particular drill that stood out in my mind. We work here. Every drill is pretty much full speed and everybody is committed to what we're doing. As long as you have that, you always have a chance of getting to where you want to go.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in the Bay Area outside of playing football?
A: Golf, that's all I do when I'm not playing football. When I'm not working out or playing football, I'm on the golf course.

Q: Which player jumped out to you on the practice fields this offseason?
A: T-Good (Tavares Gooden). He's definitely a professional, but everybody works hard. Just the way he approaches practice, the way he approaches the game from what I've seen on tape watching him, he's special.

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