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Offseason Q&A: Joe Hastings


The San Francisco 49ers recently wrapped up veteran minicamp and are now taking time off to get ready and recharged for training camp. According to many, the team's offseason program was a rewarding experience which enabled the players to gain understanding of the playbook while getting prepared for the upcoming season. Find out how the offseason workouts went for wide receiver Joe Hastings, a second-year player, who just completed his first full offseason with the 49ers.

Q: What was the best thing about attending the 49ers offseason program?
A: Being back around the guys. You go a couple of months without seeing the guys and it's different. Being back here, you see that we kept most of the guys together from last year, so it's fun being back around everyone. You get that college feeling.

Q: What was your favorite drill of the offseason program and how did it improve your game?
A: That's a tough question. But I'd probably go with the Football School. That was an ease into the OTAs (Organized Team Activities). It wasn't as fast-paced. I liked how it was an introduction for the OTAs where we hit the ground running.

Q: Which player jumped out to you on the practice fields this offseason?
A: I'd have to say Randy Moss. He's obviously been around the game for so long; he brings a lot of wisdom, a lot of talent. Just watching how he works and what he does is a big help. He's obviously got some key because he's been able to play for so long in the NFL. He's doing something right as far as taking care of his body and things like that. I've been pretty much watching him and I've tried to emulate his game.

Q: Typically players tend to develop offseason routines that best get them ready for an upcoming season, did you deviate from your normal routine? If so, why?
A: Last year was my first year so I didn't know too much about getting prepared for an NFL season. But this year, I've understood the importance of being able to run and move and the strength aspect of it. I know more about the agility needed and how to make sure your body feels good so you're going into camp healthy and ready to go fresh.

Q: What are you looking forward to most about training camp?
A: Just the opportunity. It's a new year. Last year was last year. Now it's another step. My goal last year was to make it, the team or the practice squad, whatever it may be. Next year, it's the same thing. I'm kind of starting over and figuring out what's going to happen. All I can do is put it all out there and see where the cards fall.

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