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Niners Redecorate Locker Room Door


The 49ers were greeted with a few surprises when they arrived in town for training camp. The team issued iPads to serve as playbooks and also changed up the appearance of the back entrance to the locker room.

Enter the wooden saloon doors.

"I thought it was better than drapes for a doorway," right tackle Anthony Davis remarked. "I'm not a big Wild, Wild West guy, but I like the 49ers logo."

Even on the player's day off from training camp, several members of the 49ers walked through the doors to get treatment or work out. The 49ers have made several notable changes to the facility in recent years, the creation of "The Forty Niner Way" street sign was a highlight of the 2012 training camp.

The wooden door in the locker room is most likely taking the honor for coolest addition to the facility in 2013.

"I think it's sick for whoever made it," Davis added. "It must've been made by hand."

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