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Niners 365 Podcast with Asher Roth

If I'm not careful, I might lose my job to Asher Roth.


The hip-hop artist from Pennsylvania loves college and his favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers. Roth really knows the 49ers like the back of his hand. Roth's father grew up on the West Coast and attended Stanford where he was exposed to the legendary coaching methods of Bill Walsh.

Roth said he practically was born "with a Jerry Rice jersey on."

Since then, the 28-year-old rapper has been following his beloved football team every step of the way.

He even racked up a $2,000 phone bill to watch a live stream of the 49ers playing in London back in 2010.

That's a true 49ers Faithful.

"Having something to believe in and be passionate about is important," Roth said in a recent appearance on the "Niners 365" podcast. "Being faithful to a team or a group of people, or something you believe in will ultimately reward you in the long-term."

Roth said he even routed his tour dates to coincide with the 49ers schedule.

"I've missed numerous sound checks and made several sacrifices to the point where it was very detrimental to my career to watch the 49ers," Roth said. "But that's my 'me' time. That's what I need for my own sanity, even though it drives me insane to watch the 49ers. It can be maddening sometimes, especially in the Cody Pickett-Key Dorsey era… It was a little crazy to be a fan there, but you can't miss a game."NINERS 365 PODCASTS: French Montana | Al Madrigal

Roth is well-versed with the old-school teams and especially this year's squad.

"When I watch the 49ers I'm so closely tied to it," he said.

In our recent podcast interview, Roth broke down San Francisco's win on "Monday Night Football," and commented on the progress of Colin Kaepernick. Roth liked how the 49ers offensive line continues to play at a high level, too. He likened it to the support group involved in his own career.

"In the rap world you can't do it by yourself, you really need a team," Roth said. "I call that the offensive line. What's so beautiful about the 49ers is we have one of the most dominant offensive lines in the game of football. Those are the small things that are going to help us win a Super Bowl."

There's one linemen Roth follows closely.

"I really like Joe Staley,"' the rapper said. "I think he's a funny guy. I think he gets it. You have to be able to laugh at your own jokes and take it seriously when you have to. If you're not having fun in this world and you're not having fun in this life, you're doing something wrong.

"I think Joe Staley really represents people who do their job, they do it really well, but also know how to have a good time. "

Count Roth in that bunch. The Faithful musician is currently out in New York working on new music. He discussed his name-drop on Eminem's "Marshal Mathers LP2" record and also mentioned that his own 49ers rap song is in the works.

He also promised it will be played first on

"You'll be the first person to have the official 49ers freestyle by Asher Roth."

Roth's music is very much associated with the National Football League in 2013. His "Last Man Standing" track featuring Akon is the theme song for NFL Network's "Thursday Night Football" intro. It was also featured in the popular Madden video game.

Follow @AsherRoth on Twitter and make sure to check out his series of 49ers tweets on Sundays.

Those gold & white unis look right tonight @49ers #MNF — Asher Roth (@asherroth) November 26, 2013

If you want to win the Super Bowl you have to beat teams like New Orleans in New Orleans. Go @49ers. — Asher Roth (@asherroth) November 17, 2013

I don't even care that I'm playing against Gore in fantasy this week. Let's go @49ers. — Asher Roth (@asherroth) September 27, 2013

Heal fast @KingCrab15 — Asher Roth (@asherroth) September 9, 2013

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