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Niner Talk Bonus: How Eric Wright Fits

This week's "Niner Talk Bonus" looks at the role of veteran cornerback Eric Wright, who was activated to the 53-man roster of his hometown team. Wright spoke with this week about his future in San Francisco playing in a competitive defensive backfield.

Let's get to the questions that didn't quite make this week's 49ersStudios show.

@TaylorPrice49 why didn't we take a flyer on Britt at trade deadline? Big upside little risk, 6th or 7th rounder? #ninertalk — David Restrepo (@iron15lung) November 4, 2013

It seems like the front office felt like there wasn't a great need to make a trade at the deadline with Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham on their way back to the active roster. Manningham has been activated and could make his season debut this Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. Manningham will have to continue making progress in practice, but it looks like he's on track to adding a late-season spark to the passing game. As for Crabtree, the fifth-year wideout was cleared to practice this week. He now has 21 days to be evaluated by the team and could be activated in late November.

The 49ers also place a high value on draft picks. More on that in a minute.

@TaylorPrice49 I've noticed coach Harbaugh wears his black shirt with the Super Bowl 47 emblem. Is this his motivation?!? #NinerTalk — Oscar Gonzalez⚽ (@_11oscar) November 4, 2013

It's part of his rotation, nothing more to it than that. Coach has said he has a handful of the black microfleece tops and he rotates them on any given day. There's no deep meaning to the Super Bowl fleece.

@49ers don't we get a second round draft pick because Alex smith won 8 games?? #ninertalk — Amaud H (@AllUneed2knwAH) November 4, 2013

Correct. The draft pick improves to an even better second-round selection the more Kansas City loses in the next eight weeks. They haven't been defeated yet, but they do face the Denver Broncos twice, the San Diego Chargers twice and the Indianapolis Colts.

@49ers What was the big takeaway while watching TB almost pull off a win against SEA in SEA? #ninertalk — Brian Baldwin (@Luckybaldwin221) November 4, 2013

I'd say rushing yards allowed. The Buccaneers rushed for 208 yards and almost pulled off the biggest upset in the NFL this season. When you consider how effective the 49ers rushing attack has been during a five-game winning streak, the Dec. 8 home matchup between San Francisco and Seattle becomes even more intriguing.

@TaylorPrice49 where does Wright fit in? Can you see him taking over Slot duties from Carlos? #ninertalk — Cory Fretland (@CoryFretland) November 4, 2013

Great question. It all comes down to practice performance, that will help determine where Wright fits in the 49ers defensive plans. He'll have to earn his way on to the field. Currently, the 49ers have the NFL's No. 8 pass defense, allowing 220.5 yards per game. Wright is versatile. He can play both on the perimeter and as a slot defender. Having a veteran with his talent and upside added to the roster this late into the season is a major bonus for the 49ers defensive backs. Tramaine Brock has three interceptions as the team's No. 3 cornerback and the team's other starters, Carlos Rogers and Tarell Brown, have been solid all season. Wright provides depth for now and will have to earn his role long-term.

@TaylorPrice49 is the food in London really that bad #ninertalk — Jake Heffner (@hollywoodheffne) November 4, 2013

Not at all. I enjoyed my fish and chips and my bread pudding for desert. Lawrence Okoye said the food gets a bad rap and I think he was right. The 49ers had first-class accommodations during our stay in London and that's food included.


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