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Niner Talk Bonus: Defensive Back Swagger

This week's bonus round of "Niner Talk" touches on the return of Michael Crabtree and more of your burning questions.

Let's get to them…

@49ers @TaylorPrice49 which DB was the most swagged out on Monday night? — Jacob Nadin (@JacobNadin) November 26, 2013

Eric Wright. I noticed it right before the game, Wright came out in pregame warmups with black tights and black cleats. Wright changed his attire before the game to red tights and red cleats. Several players wear different cleats in warmups. I've seen Frank Gore wear all white cleats in London, so it's nothing new.

Defensive backs like to use primetime games to showcase uniform style and Wright, along with Carlos Rogers and Tramaine Brock did that against Washington. The NFL will likely weigh in with their opinion, but I don't mind it personally. The defensive backs are playing with swagger this season and it shows. The 49ers rank No. 4 in pass defense (allowing 208.2 yards per game) and it's been great to see confident play from the unit. Tarell Brown is working his way back to the field which is a great problem for the defensive coaches to have in the coming weeks.

@49ers @TaylorPrice49 what can we expect from Crabtree now that's he's back — K. (@0hhkayy) November 26, 2013

I would say temper expectations. It's true that Crabtree has had great success against the St. Louis Rams, but we don't know what to expect just yet. Let's not put too much pressure on the fifth-year wideout in his first game back. Crabtree doesn't have to do everything. The 49ers have Anquan Boldin and Mario Manningham making plays on the outside and Vernon Davis taking care of the middle of the field.

It would be great to see the "Crab Shake" in Crabree's first game back, but the fact that he's on the field competing is a great sign for the team. I'd imagine there will be a pitch count with Crabtree. Then again, he could be super human and play more and produce more than anyone expected.

Stay tuned.

@TaylorPrice49 Who should @Kaepernick7 target more in the redzone? — Jaime F Medina (@jaimefmedina) November 26, 2013

The open receiver.

@TaylorPrice49 We know about King Crab. What about Quinton Patton? When will he be back? #NinerTalk — AJ Gullotta (@AJGullotta) November 26, 2013

The great news is that both Crabtree and Quinton Patton both practiced in full on Wednesday. There's no official word on Patton's availability, but it looks like he'll be factoring into the team's plans in the coming weeks.

@TaylorPrice49 Who wins an arm wresting contest between @Okoye and Justin Smith? #NinerTalk — todd smith (@sobek42) November 26, 2013

Sound like it would be made for pay-per-view.

@49ers @TaylorPrice49 Whats Kap pre-game song ? #NinerTalk — jasmine❁ (@jmaaiz) November 26, 2013

I know he listens to rap before games. I do know the song played for him at Candlestick Park and that's "Gas Pedal" by Sage the Gemini.

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