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Niner Talk Bonus: 49ers Hunger Games

In this week's bonus round of "Niner Talk," I'll touch on the insane athleticism of the 49ers starting tight end, the keys to playing Seattle at home and review the highlights of our "Mic'd Up" series.

Let's get to the questions that didn't make this week's show. And if you want in on the action, send me your questions to @TaylorPrice49 with #NinerTalk along with it.


@TaylorPrice49 when is Harbaugh gonna have @DanielKilgore67 catch a pass out of the goal line package? — David McAvoy (@DavidMcAvoyWJHL) December 2, 2013

You never know. I thought Kilgore had a chance when he was lined out wide a few weeks back against Arizona in a very unique offensive formation.

Anquan Boldin caught a pass on that play, so Kilgore can take pride in being a solid diversion. As for this week, who knows... Anything can happen in a rivalry game, so I'd assume the 49ers will keep all of their offensive options open.

@49ers @TaylorPrice49 What kind of dance moves do you got? — Anthony Marquez (@Amarq0919) December 2, 2013

The kind that should never be seen.

@TaylorPrice49 If you were stuck in the Hunger Games with one #49er, who it would be? (including coaching staff) #NinerTalk — Ryan Johnston (@sj_sportsfan) December 2, 2013

Vernon Davis. This question feels like a slam dunk after last week's win over St. Louis. Davis caught his 10th touchdown of the season and 50th of his career in highlight-worthy fashion.

I'm sure everyone in attendance as well as everyone watching will remember that play for years. It represented everything that makes Davis such a threat at tight end. First, it was a great grab and a great move after the catch to dart inside and race up the hashmarks. But the best part of all was the finish. Davis leaped over Janoris Jenkins who couldn't even get a hand on the 49ers tight end as he sailed into the end zone.

Because of that athleticism, I would choose Davis if I needed a partner in "The Hunger Games." I know there are plenty of worthy choices, but I feel like Davis could dodge anything right about now.

@TaylorPrice49 Is there a different attitude this week towards Seattle compared to week 3? — Justin Grover (@jgrover1533) December 2, 2013

Yes and no. As much as you want to treat every game like it's business as usual, this one feels a little different. Davis, himself, said it will serve as a "statement game." That's not saying that other games aren't opportunities to make statements, but a win this week would really get the attention of the NFL. Seattle is coming off a huge win on "Monday Night Football" and everyone saw their complete performance against New Orleans.

San Francisco has a chance to steal back some momentum from Seattle and continue a late-season winning streak. So if anything, I see the players focused the same as any other week, but they know the magnitude of what this week really means.

@TaylorPrice49 please tell me @AnquanBoldin will be mic'd up Sunday! Would be epic! — Ray (@Mr_Pajas) December 3, 2013

You'll have to stay tuned. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise. But each week the 49ers Studios crew puts together amazing soundbites from each game. LaMichael James was "Mic'd Up" last week.

If you haven't seen the series...

@TaylorPrice49 Why doesn't Frank Gore have an Instagram!?!? #NinerTalk — Mr Sir. (@edvvyn) December 3, 2013

He's too busy being the franchise's all-time leading rusher.

Not everyone has to be on social media. I think it would be weird if every player was on there. Some players like to use it, others like to stay away from it. I'm certainly cool with that.

Frank Gore is an old-school kind of guy, so no need to see him posting selfies or anything like that. Let's enjoy him balling out every Sunday.

@TaylorPrice49 after last game, good W, b want your thoughts on O-play-calling? How do we attack Seattle? Concerned about special team play? — HenryN (@iNteruptHenry) December 2, 2013

"In G-Ro We Trust."

I firmly believe Greg Roman is putting the players in position to succeed. It's easy to be a "Monday Morning Quarterback," but nobody wants the responsibility of making the tough decisions on gameday. Roman has steel in his spine and can handle whatever happens on a Sunday.

As for attacking Seattle, I believe the run game will be big this week. You want to be balanced on offense and not face third-and-long against the Seahawks.

I have no concerns on our special teams play. Shoutout to C.J. Spillman, Michael Wilhoite, Bubba Ventrone, Kassim Osgood, Darryl Morris and all the other coverage players. They've done a great job this season.

Oh, and Phil Dawson, too.

@TaylorPrice49 first time at the stick this sunday. What is something I have to do while there to get best 49ers experience? #childhooddream — Noah Treat (@welluknowhoibe) December 2, 2013

It's really simple.

Get to Candlestick early. Wear red. Visit the Grand Plaza to check out pre-game events. Try some garlic fries. And when you're in the stadium, get really loud when Seattle has the ball.

That is all.

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