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Niner Talk Bonus: 49ers Draft Needs

This week's bonus round of "Niner Talk" touches on all the questions that nearly made this week's show.

I discussed Colin Kaepernick's future with the 49ers in the video version of the show, but it seemd like all of the other questions I received were about San Francisco's draft needs. I could go on for days about the team's philosophy on drafting players and where there could be potential fits. In reality, the draft is so far away and free agency will dramatically change the draft landscape.

The popular mock draft analysis of mid-February will greatly be changed by what happens in free agency starting Mar. 11.

With the dog days of the NFL offseason starting to take shape, it's understandable that the draft-need topic is on everyone's mind. I guess I just wanted to provide a gentle reminder that we're barely in the thick of things for draft scenarios. The NFL Scouting Combine, pro day workouts, plus free agency, will all have a huge role in shaping what San Francisco actually does with the No. 30 overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft.

But then again, you've asked me some questions and I'm a man of the people, so why not get to the draft outlook even if it means doesn't mean a whole lot at this time of the offseason.

Let's get to your questions...

@TaylorPrice49 what would it take to get that banner (or copy/replica) behind you in the recent #NinerTalk video? — Nikoli Bolivar (@Nikolivar) February 10, 2014

I don't think Jim Harbaugh will part with that bad boy any time soon. My best suggestion is snap a picture and find someone who will make a replica for you. Thanks for watching, though.

@TaylorPrice49 What will the niners be looking for in this years draft? #NinerTalk — kree (@cfunga) February 10, 2014

Impact players. Someline Eric Reid, a guy who can potentially start from day one and make it to the Pro Bowl.

Oh, you wanted something more specific? That's understandable. As the roster currently stands, there's only three returning wideouts under contract for 2014: Michael Crabtree, Quinton Patton and Jon Baldwin. The team's leading wide receiver Anquan Boldin is a free agent and there's been a lot of talk about how both sides will proceed with their negotiations. Rather than get into hypotheticals, let's look at what we know. San Francisco is currently light at receiver depth, with or without Boldin. It also helps matters that this year will have 6-9 receivers who are first-round worthy, according to ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr.

If you add everything up, the 49ers will need a plethora of receivers to enter the offseason program. The draft seems like a good place to round out that part of the roster.

@TaylorPrice49 what is the key missing ingredient that need addressing in order to compete with Seawhaks? #ninertalk — YO!Nathan (@Y88E) February 10, 2014

Ear plugs? Just kidding.

I would say a power running attack. Not that the 49ers don't already have that, but a better ground effort against the Seahawks would make a major impact in the win-loss column. When you look at Seattle's three defeats in 2013, they were out-rushed in two of those three games. San Francisco racked up 163 yards on the ground in a Week 14 home win over Seattle at Candlestick Park.

If you're able to control time of possesion on the ground and put yourself in shorter down-and-distance situations against the NFL's top-ranked pass defense, that should be a healthy recipe for success for the 49ers in 2014.

@TaylorPrice49 why dont the 49ers have alternative jerseys? #ninertalk — oxy (@ooRamirez_) February 10, 2014

The classics work just fine.

@49ers @TaylorPrice49 What's it like in the locker room with the players on a normal day? #NinerTalk — Caroline Abellar (@thinkcaroline) February 10, 2014

During the day it's pretty quiet. Players are in meetings, taking lunch breaks, getting treatment and doing interviews. After practice, however, that's when the personality comes out. It's when you hear loud music, a lot of joking and then of course, there's the dunk cam.

@TaylorPrice49 What position do you think has the best 1st Rd talent that fits 49ers needs? #ninertalk — Ken (@CitizenSyndrome) February 10, 2014

Wide receivers, see answer above and read up on one potential fit, Penn State's Allen Robinson.

@TaylorPrice49 what's happening with the facility if staff and players are moving into the stadium? — Vic W. (@veduub) February 13, 2014

There will still be offices here for coaches and staff. Here are 18 other newsworthy items about the team's new building.

@TaylorPrice49 can I get a follow back?? — Kacey_Myers (@KaceyMyers94) February 13, 2014

Let me think about it.

@TaylorPrice49 when are you posting another niner talk ... #ninertalk — Rudy ortiz (@Rudy49er) February 12, 2014

Every other week of the offseason.

@TaylorPrice49 any chance there will be bricks being sold again? — 49ersBeatReader (@49ersBeatReader) February 12, 2014

Yes, Fanwalk bricks, starting at $195, are available at or 855-LS-FANWALK.

@TaylorPrice49 will Levi's® Stadium keep the foghorn when the 49ers score? #ninertalk — мaтт (@thepoliticat) February 10, 2014


It will be installed in late February.

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