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NFL Draft Moves to May in 2014

The 2014 NFL Draft will take place in May, not April, the NFL announced on Tuesday.

Due to a scheduling conflict at Radio City Music Hall, the 2014 NFL Draft will be held on May 8-10 in New York at Radio City.

All teams were informed of the change on Tuesday after the league held discussions with club personnel and NFL business partners. Future dates for the NFL Draft in 2015 and beyond will be determined at a later date, the league said in a press release.

The NFL will consider a variety of alternative solutions, including holding the draft at other locations in either the New York area or in other cities.

In regards to the 2014 draft change, clubs were informed that the date will have no effect on when rookies may report to their clubs. It will also have no impact on the dates of offseason programs or the length of any offseason program.

Teams will have the same number of practice days that they currently have and no changes in the offseason calendar are being considered that would reduce practice days or the overall length of an offseason program.

NFL clubs were also informed that there would be no major adjustments to the dates of significant off-season events in 2014.

•Regional Combines will be held on various dates from January 24 through February 16, 2014. Some Regional Combines may be held after the National Combine in Indianapolis.

•The National Combine in Indianapolis will be held from February 18-25, 2014.

•The new League Year, and the Free Agency period, will begin on March 11, 2014.

•The Annual Meeting will be held in Orlando, Florida, on March 23-26, 2014.

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