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NaVorro Bowman, Imagine Dragons and Roman Reigns to Be Featured on 'The Faithful'

Season 2 of "The Faithful" will air Sunday nights on NBC Bay Area and every week of the 2015 regular season following "Sunday Night Football."

Learn more about some of the stories soon to be told by 49ers Studios by checking out this Q&A with vice president and executive producer, Robert G. Alberino Jr.

Q: Why should fans of the San Francisco 49ers watch 'The Faithful?'

A: I think fans should watch "The Faithful" simply because it's probably the best regional sports show that I have ever been a part of. In my two decades of production work, I don't think I have ever put as much energy or effort into covering stories that touch on team history and fandom. I think the show is so above what regional programming is all about for the fan. We believe these are the highest quality stories we can be telling, and we are choosing between hundreds upon hundreds of stories. These truly are stories you should know if you are a 49ers Faithful. **

Q: When you watch the trailer for season 2, there are a wide variety of topics, there is something for everybody. Can you tell me about the process of being an EP and making an all-encompassing show?**

A: One of the biggest goals each year is to try and cover as much ground as possible and touch as many demographics as possible. There are stories about tremendous former 49er greats playing this game, there are stories steeped in history where the protagonist is a woman, there are stories where the protagonist is a man. It might be about fans; it might be about celebrities. It might be music and bands.

Across all fronts, I think 'The Faithful' literally covers ages 2 to 92, men, women, different demographics. It really is a parallel to our fan base and shows how so many people have the DNA of the 49ers printed all over them. We didn't want to niche ourselves: this is football this isn't X's and O's. We wanted to make sure it enclosed all of these boundaries.

Q: There appears to be a lot of star power in this season from Colin Kapernick to Navorro Bowman, the Imagine Dragons, WWE's Roman Reigns and so on. What's it like for you to get to see the celebrities in a different light?

A: The best part about telling a story about somebody is when you find out who the person is and you really find out who they are as a human being. I mean Jeremy Renner, who we shot in season 1, was certainly one of those guys. The Imagine Dragons are certainly those guys. Roman Reigns, without a doubt. Carlos Alazraqui, have too throw him into the mix. They are real people, and they are people that you would want to connect with, and they want to connect with fans just like them. I've kept in touch with every single one of these people who we've featured on the show and it makes you want to work harder for the people because you truly know what kind of people they truly are. Working with a celebrity is great because you realize they care about all of the things you care about. And of course, they are die-hard 49ers fans, and they are honored to be a part of it.

Q: If I want to watch season 1 of "The Faithful," how I can watch a marathon and also stay updated with season 2?

A: Every Sunday night season 2 of "The Faithful" will air. After "Sunday Night Football," you can watch the show locally on NBC in the Bay Area. It's a heck of a time slot for a regional program right after some of the NFL's marquee games on a weekly basis. Globally, you can watch it on over and over again, anyway you would like to. If you have not seen it before, if this is the first time your hearing about it, go back and watch season 1 as well as season 1 of "Forty Niner Way." Season 2 of Forty Niner Way will also air locally on Saturdays during the regular season.

Our shows are archived, too. All you have to do is go to the video page on, scroll underneath the video channel on the drop down menu and find the show of your choice. Go back and binge watch. If you don't set your DVR to watch this show locally, you're just going to hate yourself because the show has that much flavor this year. It is that much better than it was last year.


Take a behind-the-scenes look at the 49ers Studios production team at work as they filmed an episode of 'The Faithful' on Alcatraz island.

Q: How can fans follow along on social media? **
A: On social media, 49ers Studios' Twitter account has sort of taken on it's own life. One of my favorite things about a movie or a television show is when someone adds context to a scene or shares information on an actor or the way a director did something. I think it's really cool to know there is some other inside joke or a special meaning to something we watch on screen. During the shows, we are going to tweet and take you behind the scenes so we can give you the inside scoop on things you're watching. I think it's a great way to follow along with the show when it's live, but it's also fun to share everything 49ers Studios is doing to get the shows delivered to our fans.

You can also send me tweets, @robertalberino. You can tell me what you like about the shows, what you hate about the shows. My skin is super thick. We all want to know what we are doing right; we want to know what we are doing wrong. I mean we have heard from people all over the world. In fact, this morning I got an email from somebody in Scotland and they want to know exactly how to watch the show. They said they've seen the show from last year and they want to know the best way to view it. We are talking with people on every corner. Q: If I'm a fan and I want to be on season 3 of "The Faithful," how do I get my information to you?

A: We start shooting season 3 in October or November believe it or not. We are about a year ahead of schedule, which is an amazing endeavor for a production house, and we are accepting the best of the best stories. If you know someone, a fabulous fan who has an incredible story where the 49ers have changed their life, or a story you can't keep to yourself, send us an email at In the title of the email, put "The Faithful." Tell us your story, and we'll be in touch.

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