Name That Play: Bowman's Pick

The 49ers already ranked their "Top 10 Moments in Candlestick History" prior to this season.

As it turns out, there may be a late addition to that list.

NaVorro Bowman's interception return not only closed out Candlestick Park in epic fashion, it helped the 49ers punch their ticket to the playoffs, struck a major blow to the Arizona Cardinals playoff hopes and is in the running for the best defensive play in the history of the 49ers home for the past 43 season.

The only question remaining is what to call the play.

The Pick?

The Pick 6?

The Pick at the Stick?

Leave your votes in the comments section below.

UPDATE: With over 600 comments below, the overwhelming winner is "The Pick at The 'Stick."

With the 49ers clinging to a three-point lead, Tramaine Brock deflected Matt Ryan's pass intended for wide receiver Harry Douglas. NaVorro Bowman dropped into coverage and picked off the pass in full stride, racing down the right sideline to essentially seal the victory in the final regular season game at Candlestick Park.

San Francisco could still host a playoff game, but the 49ers would need some help to make that happen.

For now, look back on that fateful play that will be a part of Candlestick history forever, known as "The Pick at The 'Stick."

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