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Morning Report: Kyle Shanahan Speaks Candidly About Racism

Good Morning Faithful,

Here are your top 49ers storylines for Friday, June 4.

Kyle Shanahan: "Just Because You Don't See It, Does Not Mean It's Not There"

Shanahan spoke candidly with media on Thursday about how the 49ers locker room is grasping with recent protests and national discussions sparked by the death of George Floyd. "(Racism's) happened too long and it's very clear," Shanahan said. "I don't want to debate it anymore. No one does. Open your eyes." The head coach said that the team has spoken everyday this week about the country's current events and emphasized that the team is working on something to do together as a sign of solidarity. Read More >>>

Richard Sherman Speaks Out on the Need for Sports to Invoke Social Change

Richard Sherman joined a roundtable discussion on "NFL Total Access" alongside Chris Long and NFL Network's Jim Trotter and Steve Wyche to discuss overcoming the "stick to sports" narrative, the impact of selective policing and police unions and the importance of speaking up to advocate for social justice. Click here for Sherman's responses during the multi-part discussion.

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