Mission Miami: Introducing Kirsten Moran

To the Faithful family-

I'm honored to introduce myself. My name is Kirsten Moran and I am a Bay Area native with a deep passion for sports that's led me to where I am today. I started my career interviewing celebrities and athletes on and off the red carpet. I quickly learned this was the dream I always yearned for by combining my love for sports and entertainment with storytelling. I went back to school and graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Broadcast Communications where I was able to back my work experience with an education.

Some of the highlights of my career have been getting the opportunity to interview Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, host on the red carpet at the past five Super Bowls and emcee Super Bowl city in San Francisco during Super Bowl 50. I recently finished four seasons with the San Francisco 49ers as a Gold Rush Cheerleader where I had the amazing chance to represent the best organization in the NFL.

Currently, I am a digital host and producer for a local sports radio station while also working in television as a digital sports producer and editor.

This week in Miami, I will be representing the Faithful during Super Bowl week bringing you the sights and sounds from Super Bowl LIV. My goal is to bring Miami to you by giving you a glimpse at Super Bowl city and beyond during the biggest week of the season.

Welcome to Miami and Go Niners!