Michael Crabtree Announces Youth Football Camp

Michael Crabtree recently revealed the date for his upcoming football camp in Dallas, Texas.

The San Francisco 49ers veteran wide receiver was unable to hold his annual camp last offseason due to an Achilles injury suffered in May.

Crabtree, however, is eager to get his camp back running in 2014.

"It's going to be real big, a free camp for the kids," Crabtree told 49ers.com on Tuesday. "It should be nice. It's all about giving back."

Crabtree has invited a number of friends from around the NFL and members of San Francisco's locker room to take part in the one-day camp set for June 14 at SMU's Ford Stadium.

Crabtree, a Dallas native, was pleased to have the support of his local community.

"SMU blessed us with the stadium, so we can take it over," he said. "We've got a lot of good sponsors involved and a lot of Texas Tech alumni and pro athletes coming in to show support."

Crabtree plans on instructing the campers in various drills, even tackling.

"I'm going to teach them, but you can't give everybody all the tricks, you know? I'm going to teach them how to catch the ball, how to run with the ball, how to run routes, how to tackle somebody, how to block – we're teaching all of it."

Crabtree's campers will receive a Jordan Brand t-shirt, lunch and other items.

"I don't know too many people doing free camps, so it's going to be nice," he said.

The 49ers wideout shared signup information on Twitter earlier this week.

Sign up for the football camp @ http://t.co/MNn0wuxr7K June 14th.. #epic #thecrabtreeway — Michael Crabtree (@KingCrab15) May 13, 2014

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