Meet the Niners Meat Smoker


Barbecue at 49ers training camp has been taken to a new level in 2013. Meet the 49ers custom made meat smoker.

Chef Chad McWilliams, head of the 49ers Café, debuted the smoker this offseason and has been using it around the clock to feed a hungry 90-man roster, plus coaches, scouts and front office employees.

In order to get the perfect flavor, McWilliams uses a blend of cherry wood and apple wood to smoke barbecued meats. He also uses lump charcoal to make sure the meat is not over smoked.

At any given meal, McWilliams and his staff can be seen on the outdoor kitchen patio preparing 50-100 lbs. of meat for the team and staff.

The head chef of the 49ers Café has a Thai style Mahi-Mahi in the works for Friday's lunch and 90 lbs. of smoked brisket lined up for Friday's dinner.

Thursday's dinner after the opening day of 49ers training camp featured six, 12-pound pieces of smoked prime rib.

I can attest, it was delicious.

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