Meet the 2017 Gold Rush Squad: Areli and Sarah

Each week, gets to know two members of the 49ers Gold Rush. In this week's installment, we meet third-year member Areli from Fresno, Calif., and Sarah, a rookie member from San Francisco, Calif.

What do you like most about being a member of the Gold Rush?



Areli:Every Gold Rush team member is much more than a cheerleader! Every girl either has a full-time job, attends school full-time, both, or does something else world-changing! And I absolutely love being surrounded by such incredible women because it stretches my character in ways I could not have imagined possible.

Sarah:Well, of course getting to perform in front of the 49ers faithful! But off the field I get to spend a lot of time with such amazing and inspirational women. I'm so grateful to have such successful people who are passionate about everything they do to guide me through this amazing experience.

How would you describe your style?

Sarah: My style is pretty diverse and I am constantly changing it. It keeps my closet exciting and gives me a big variety to choose from.

What is your biggest fear?

Areli: My biggest fear is looking back and not having captured enough of the beautiful memories in my life. I do not take very many photos nor videos because I try my best to live the moment. However, I do enjoy reflecting and writing about my experiences in a multitude of modalities. I write songs and poems, and my ultimate goal is to complete a book that I have started. At home I have a box full of letters, cards and journal entries that I have written or that others have given to me. I truly value written records because they take patience and thoughtfulness. I cherish them deeply and I fear losing them and the memories that accompany the words within.

Sarah:It would have to be a toss-up between rats and spiders!



Who is the most inspirational person in your life?

Areli: I do not believe this answer will ever change! My mother Rosa and father Manuel are the biggest inspirations in my life. They are both extremely incredible individuals. Both my parents were born and raised in Mexico. And though neither of them were fortunate enough to receive a higher than elementary education, they eventually moved to the United States and worked relentlessly to become the people that they are today. My father became a Civil Engineer and has been for over three decades. My mother took on various careers before settling down to be a homemaker when I was born. They have been married for over four decades. Their unconditional love and support, as well as their commitment to growth and development has shaped me into an optimistic, ambitious, and passionate soul.

Do you have any pets? Tell us about your favorite furry friends?

Sarah:Yes, my cat Simba. I adopted him from a rescue shelter about 5 years ago. He is definitely a character and always seems to make people laugh!

If you could say anything to the 49ers fans what would it be?

Areli: Mingling and taking pictures with the 49ers Faithful is the best part of being a cheerleader! I am a fan just like everyone else in the stands! Therefore, it is a beautiful feeling to be able to speak with those who share the same excitement and enthusiasm for the 49ers. I look forward to meeting you great people and connecting about our passion for the best Bay Area team!

Sarah:Levi's® Stadium is a home to people of all ages. We have such a diverse fan base that come together to root on the team they love. The 49ers not only bring people together in the stadium, but even at home or your favorite local restaurant. Thank you for always being so faithful to our team. We feel your energy on the field! Go Niners!!!!

Areli Sarah
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