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Manny's Law: Thir-Mu-Affic



Rookie linebacker Manny Lawson had to move up his weekly column Manny's Law due to the short week. There was also the hitch of doing this column during a long drive to a booster club appearance, which explains the title and his choice of subject. Enjoy...**

This is Thir-Mu-Affic because I'm going to talk about music and traffic, how one is great and the other is just so bad. But let's talk about traffic first. I don't understand it. I understand there are a lot of cars on the road, but the way I feel about it is if everyone goes the speed limit, there should not be traffic. People should be able to get on and get off as they please, all Willie-Nillie like or as they want to no problems whatsoever.

Traffic just doesn't make sense, even if there is an accident really because for the most part people should just be able to drive around the accident and use the lanes that aren't blocked. But, as we all know, even if the accident has been moved over to the side, there's traffic. Why, you ask? Because people want to drive by slowly and look at it. I don't understand. That's just going to cause another accident because you are going to find someone who takes road rage pills who forgot them and is going to start weaving in and out and causing other accidents.

Lionel Richie's daughter, I don't know who she is really. I just know his daughter was arrested the other night after being stopped the wrong way on the freeway. Someone told me this and I mean, are you serious? I've heard a story about this old woman doing that before and I mean, an old woman I can understand that maybe she can't see right or maybe she is confused. But anyone in their right mind should not be driving opposite traffic unless they are starring in that movie The Fast and the Furious. I give that guy credit for calling 911 because I don't know that I'd be able to do that. I'd be too worried about this nut running head-on to me. I mean, 'yeah, hello, there is a car going opposite me on 101 South, well actually I'm on 101 North going the right way, but yeah, they are heading South. WOW!

But on to music… there are so many different categories of music, in my case, there's game time music for instance which is the music you listen to before a game. Of course, that could really be just about any type of music depending on what type of mood I'm in. Most of the time though it's Michael Jackson, Smooth Criminal is my usual. Something up tempo, and something that has a nice beat. I don't really care too much for the words, but I just like the beat. I sometimes do rock, yes, I like to listen some Lincoln Park.

That's football music, but then there's every day music. That could be based on weather lets say, like when the sun is out. You don't want rap then, you'd like some R&B type music, preferably a woman with that soft, subtle voice that just makes everything better. I'm a fan of Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera because that girl can sing.

Brittney Spears, I don't vibe with her. I just don't get into Brittney.

On a rainy day, it depends too because if you are in the mood for rain, you want another R&B slow jam song that is somewhat sad because many people look at rain as sad. I personally think regardless that song Storm by Jamie Foxx is a great song for a stormy day. It's a good, happy song, and it just has the storm and the rain in the background, and a really nice melody and beat. If you are not in the mood for the rain and you just want it to stop, more than likely you'll listen to rap and get that up tempo dance beat and you'll forget all about the rain.

Speaking of weather, it's cold in Seattle. I watched that game a few weeks ago with the Packers and the snow, and I've got a feeling that the weather and Mother Nature are not going to be acting like they are supposed to, at least not according to me idea of Mother Nature. I'm going there with all expectations for everything – blizzard, tsunami, monsoon, everything.

We are going out there with the mindset to play well enough to silence those apparently loud Seahawks fans they've got up there. Hopefully, it'll be so quiet we can hear crickets and the snow falling or the rain. I really hope it doesn't hail, if so, I'm through.

  • Manny Lawson
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