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Manny's Law: Surgery


Linebacker Manny Lawson was placed on the injured reserve list after suffering a torn ACL in practice after the win over the Rams. Lawson is on the mend, and checks in for an update below!

Surgery went well. It was funny actually because they gave me this drug that is supposed to make you feel real calm and knock you out. So, I asked how much time is supposed to go by before I start feeling the drug? The guy looked down at me and said you don't feel it yet? And I said no. The next thing I know I see the doc checking the IV bag and that's the last thing I remember. I didn't get the count down or anything.

I wake up and they told me everything went well and that they were going to get me ou of there. I had a stocking on my leg and that was the end of surgery.

So, I had never had surgery before but they draw on your leg so they know which one to cut on. I guess that's a god thing because I would have been highly upset had they done surgery on the good knee. Surgeries on two knees would just not be the right way to go.

Thank you all very much for all of the support. Having friends, family and fans has really helped me to mentally and physically stay strong. It's great to have a support cast behind you when you are down and out, and it's meant so much to me to realize how many people care, and how much they care.

I want to speak on some of that support.

One of the calls I got was from someone who is like a brother to me, and he's also gone through the same surgery, so he knew what I would be going through. Not only was his message encouraging, but he then sent me an email that really touched me because it spoke the truth. Within the email he stated that he knew I was going to be alright and come back stronger, but then when I come back commentators will say one of two things. Either that I look to be slowed from the injury or that the injury wasn't setting me back at all. He went on to write in the email that one way I could definitely make sure that the injury doesn't set me back at all is by really becoming even more of a student of the game. So while I push through the rehab, I'm really going to work on also improving myself mentally and just doing a lot of studying.

My aunts, they love me to death I know but they like to joke. My one aunt had me confused because she told me she heard about my surgery but that I really should have gotten two surgeries. I was like huh? I only needed one, and so she goes nah, you should have had them work on your hands for those interceptions you dropped. Yeah, she had her laughs, but that's okay, I love you anyway!

Every time I'm in for my rehab, guys come talk to me. Marques Douglas, BY, the whole linebacker corps, Arnaz, Aubrayo, just about everybody from the team comes in and says something to me every day that is uplifting so that I stay right. That's what a team is and that's what's made it hard for me because they really do care, I love for it, and it makes me miss playing with them even more so.

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