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Manny's Law: Off-season Scoop


Manny Lawson continues with his popular column, "Manny's Law," in this first off-season update of 2007. Enjoy catching up with the 49ers linebacker.*

You all thought I was gone, but here I am.

I can't think of any numbers, I don't know what number we were even on, so we'll start over with off-season column number one. Not very original I know.

I think I'm the only person left around here. I haven't seen anyone else. It's like there's been a news bulletin saying that Godzilla is coming through and everyone has scattered and I am the only one who didn't get it. There's nobody around, it's just me.

Marcus Hudson went home, Vickiel Vaughn went home, and then he will be going to NFL Europe. Parys Haralson went home. They did leave me all of their perishables though, so I've got a whole bunch of extra food and stuff.

But, I have no one to bowl with anymore, so I'm just going to start going by myself. We all had that agreement that once we bowled a 200 game we could buy our own ball and pair of bowling shoes. Well, the season ended and Marcus was the only one to reach that. So, Vickiel and I were thinking, 'what if we keep trying in the off-season and we aren't together but we bowl a 200, does that count?' We felt like it should. So we called Marcus and we let him decide whether or not he felt like that would count, and he said that if we bowled a 200, we'd have to get someone who worked at the bowling alley to sign off on it, and then we could, in fact, buy our stuff. So, I'm definitely going to hit 200 soon.

So, I stopped working out for about ten days and did nothing, but now I'm back at my routine. I like to come in to the facility really early in the morning and get a workout in and then I go home and relax. I cleaned up my place, and I've been fixing it up a little more. I got caught up on all of my paperwork. I hate paperwork.

Speaking of which, I almost died the other day. I was taking out the trash and we have to break down the boxes because otherwise the trash people will not pick them up. So I'm breaking down this box and I get a cardboard cut right on my finger. If I didn't rush up to the bathroom, soak it, peroxide, Neosporin and band-aid it, I could have died. Paper cuts are the leading killer out there. People don't know this, but it's true. They get infected real easily, turn green, orange and blue and whatever gets cut, falls off. Seriously.

I finally got my California Driver's License. I had no idea that they were actually going to make me re-take the written test. I thought they'd just take my picture. I was wrong, and good thing I passed that test. Some laws are different than they are back home in North Carolina.

Back to decorating my place, I finally found the clock that I wanted to hang up in my living room. It's huge, and of course, matches my living room set. I stumbled across it walking thru the aisles of this store and there it was. I had to ask the committee on whether or not I should get the clock though, so I called my sister. Yes, she's the committee. So I took a picture on my phone and emailed it to her and she said as long as it was big enough, to buy it, so I did. Of course, after the fact she had to be a comedian saying I probably should return it since it's roman numerals and I wouldn't be able to tell time.

I hung it up but I didn't get it straight, so I've got to redo that.

I think my next project is to attempt to make homemade spaghetti sauce, following my own recipe. I'm just going to get a bunch of stuff, chop it up, fry it, sauté it, what have you and attempt to make my own sauce. It's going to be really interesting, and really messy. I've already gotten cleaning stuff for when I make my mess. I'm really ready to test my culinary skills this off-season.

I'm all about homemade invention type dishes because that is real creativity. You've got to have that wooden spoon, dip it, taste it, add a little more seasoning, stuff like that. I'm going to attempt that, within the next two days. I was going to do it yesterday but yesterday was a long day.

I fell into my recliner and just never got up. I watched movies all day. I feel so secure and warm in my recliner that I don't care to get up.

So in a nutshell, I'm friendless right now with not much to do, but I do have my chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. That's really the only friend I need.

  • Manny Lawson
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