Manny's Law: Ochoshetashey



Rookie linebacker Manny Lawson talks Halloween, breezes over Chicago and elaborates on his expanding dictionary according only to Manny. Enjoy this latest column...**

I was sitting here trying to name this seventh when I was reminded that, seventh topia was last week. So, we're on eight. This one shall be known as Ochoshetashey. It really means nothing, but it is something my sister and I always say to each other either in parting ways or in greetings - Hashetashey. We don't know what it means either, it just sounds funny so that's what we say to each other and that's what I'm naming this column.

Let's talk about other funny sounding words. Like squash. That just sounds so funny yet it's a vegetable you are supposed to eat AND a verb describing what you can do to something. Or better yet, let's talk about Q-Tip. When you actually think of a Q-Tip, it looks nothing like a Q. How do you come up with the word Q-tip for that?

Why are some of the foods named what they are named. Why is a steak a steak? It comes from a cow. Why isn't it a cow, because a chicken is a chicken and it's going to be a chicken no matter what.

Brussels sprouts. By far one of the nastiest vegetables on this planet, along with asparagus, zucchini. Those are probably the only vegetables I don't eat. They are just so nasty.

On the afternoon of Halloween, I babysat for Marcus so he could use my computer and also go meet with the coaches at the facility. He also had to take Vickiel to pick up his truck because his truck is suffering from a disease. I think it's going to be a costly procedure but he will be driving his truck again soon. Shout out to Vickiel, get your truck well soon!

Instead of taking his son trick or treating, Marcus Hudson hid candy throughout his place and let his son go on a scavenger hunt for it. I think the whole idea of a scavenger hunt is brilliant and I might go do one as soon as I get home today. I know it's kind of pointless to just hide candy and then try to forget where you hid it, but I can't trust anybody else to hide it because they might try to take it.

No, I did not give out candy. I'm not sharing my candy. I don't share well, especially when they are Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. If' I'm going to share those, it's like I'm going to marry that girl. That's a commitment for life to give up one of those.

On Halloween, I didn't do anything for the kids during trick or treat time. I was contemplating some things but I waited too late to prop the house and properly scare little children. I was either going to sit outside and be motionless because you know how little kids are, they want to touch and feel everything so I was going to wait for that and scare them once they touched me. Or I was going to have scary music set up and get some flickering lights going and when they go knock on the door and it slightly cracks open, I was going to creep up from behind and scare them. But I waited too late and I couldn't find a scary enough mask. I wanted something with eyeballs hanging out, blood, open gashes, messed up teeth. I was looking for something like that, like the Crypt keeper mask I used to have. It was the most hideous thing, yet I loved it. I scared so many people with that mask. I think it was stolen, probably by my sister because she was a victim of the mask. Sometimes she'd wake up and that would be the first thing she'd see. I miss that mask. I terrorized some people.

I watched scary movies but I kept my lights off so nobody came. Everyone knows that's a rule, no lights, no candy, no ring the doorbell. I kind of feel bad now though.

I did go to see a movie that night. Have you seen the movie Saw 3? You have to watch 1 and 2, but Saw 3 is the best. It's very gruesome but the whole twisted plot plays with your mind. I like the whole part of trying to figure out the puzzle before the movie ends. I recommend it, but you've got to be older than 17.

Apparently Vernon Davis did a show on his house and is trying to show me up. It's not fair that Vernon is trying to compete because he had already seen mine first. He won't be able to beat my feng shui and color coordination, or my Buddha, or my psyche chair. You can't beat that, so I'm not scared.

Now I have magazines that come to my place even on décor and give me ideas, but what they are really trying to do is get me to come to there stores so they can steal my ideas.

One of my best friends from high school, his dad, texted me to tell me that he even saw the show and that my place is nice. He said I need to not make it too good because his wife might get jealous, and might want to hire me as an interior decorator.

His airs tomorrow so I'll have to watch and see. If it's war he wants, it's war he gets.

Chicago…….. …. . ….. . .. that's all that is going to be said about Chicago. It's in the past, learn from it and move on. You can't live your life in the past because then you will miss out on the preset and won't be ready for the future which is Minnesota.

Stay tuned for that game…

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